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  1. hanafuda

    Is it possible to make your own PSN avatar?

    Really? I dunno. Mine is Japanese and I did it. Not sure beyond that..
  2. hanafuda

    Have you ever permanently stopped playing a game out of sheer frustration?

    Yes, but not for a long time as I make a point of not buying shit games. I did sell DMC4 without beating it but not because of frustration. I flogged it because it was shit.
  3. hanafuda

    Is it possible to make your own PSN avatar?

    You can change your online name but most games don't reflect it. It affects your friend list diplay though.
  4. hanafuda

    So what do you HATE about your country??

    We live here now. Give me a shout if you come over. Much nicer in the summer than Tokyo. Much lower humidity.
  5. hanafuda

    Mike Judge to Bring Back Beavis and Butt-Head

    More Grim Reaper Had to post this as I almost spat my breakfast over the PC watching this. "I think that's supposed to be Wolverine.".
  6. hanafuda

    Mike Judge to Bring Back Beavis and Butt-Head

    Thanks for that. A classic that I haven't seen for years. I will say this though, towards the end of their run, B & B sucked. I don't know if it was because Judge just wanted to fulfill his contract or something, but the later stuff just wasn't funny. It's easy to spot because the art...
  7. hanafuda

    Mike Judge to Bring Back Beavis and Butt-Head

    Uh huh. Uh huh huh huh.
  8. hanafuda

    So what do you HATE about your country??

    At least the right wing don't start at 8 am. Also, I found a new version here in Sapporo - bible bashers shouting about Jesus Christ. Not near our apartment though, thankfully. Yesterday there were 2 rival parties driving their election vans next to each other competing by seeing who could...
  9. hanafuda

    Gonna attempt slowing down soda consumption

    How much caffiene is in tea in comparison? I heard it was higher than coffee.
  10. hanafuda

    Summer Plans

    I'd like to drive my car around the the entire coast of Hokkaido but it won't be this summer. Get through the probation period of my job so I can actually take time off. Go watch Rally Japan in September. Just spend time crashing with my son.
  11. hanafuda

    So what do you HATE about your country??

    Japan Election time and those twats that drive round in vans rigged with PA systems, shouting at full volume from 8 am. Saturday today and that's the first thing I heard. Arigatou gozaimasu? I'd like to take one out with a rocket launcher.
  12. hanafuda

    tell me about 5.1 headphones

    I have a couple of wireless ones that are connected up via an optical cable. I've used them a ton. Very happy with them. I guess they are cheaper than the ones mentioned above. Thing is, when I first got them the surround experience totally blew me away. It was like night and day...
  13. hanafuda

    Anyone from Paris? Firmiliar with the city?

    Lots of dog shit.
  14. hanafuda

    Let's talk about the PSP.

    I see your point about Snake Plisken, but Hayter sounds way too forced and is far more of a macho muppet than Otsuka Akio's performance. Otsuka actually sounds like that in real life. Hayter doesn't. Also, I'll take Russell as Snake over Hayter's impersonation any day.
  15. hanafuda

    Anyone playing MAG (PS3)?

    Looking forward to it. Tried my hand at squad leader tonight and Valor won comfortably. Need to read up about it. Was fun. Good game. Think I'll get the DLC.
  16. hanafuda

    Let's talk about the PSP.

    How can you say that and think that David Hayter doesn't?? Hayter is waaaay more guilty of that. I can't listen to his 'Snake'.
  17. hanafuda

    Anyone playing MAG (PS3)?

    I'll be on Friday night Japan time, but have the inlaws over this weekend so probably won't be on much. Almost level 20 now.
  18. hanafuda

    Why do morons stick apostrophies everywhere?

    I sat in a presentation the other day where one high level manager who's mother tongue is English had a huge slide that read: 'Don't get board.'. Hmmm.
  19. hanafuda

    Playstation Plus

    Yeah, it seems best for: 1) People who spend a lot of time and cash with PSN content 2) Newcomers to PSN I may sub per month from time to time. This month my 500 Yen will go to the Fat Princess expansion.