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  1. Orochi_invisibleink

    The all new 'What's it worth' thread

    I've been out of the neogeo scene for many years, looking to maybe sell some AES carts. What would be the current going rate for Metal Slug 3 1st edition, Last Blade, and KoF 2000? All have original case, insert, and manual. All are in 8-9/10 condition. Thanks in advance for any advice. EDIT...
  2. Orochi_invisibleink

    Firearm enthusiast thread

    totally agree, super clean lines on that one. any idea how many of those were made?
  3. Orochi_invisibleink

    Reading Rainbow to end after 26 years

    so know how kid sposed 2 lern how 2 reed dis iz bulshiite
  4. Orochi_invisibleink

    NBA Finals 2009 -- THE LAKERS (vs the Magic)

    lol, kick it off with the 'who are you' message board elitist (read: no life) crap? whatever. i can read you retard and i read how you were blowing up over the 'greatness' of courtney lee a few pages back. make sense champ?
  5. Orochi_invisibleink

    NBA Finals 2009 -- THE LAKERS (vs the Magic)

    you gonna go off about how awesome your boy courtney did in that game?
  6. Orochi_invisibleink

    Indiana Pacers possible relocation to Vancouver

    virginia squires based on the coast would be awesome! virginia is the biggest state population wise that doesnt have a pro sports team by far
  7. Orochi_invisibleink

    Indiana Pacers possible relocation to Vancouver

    good lord you are a dumbass of epic proportions.
  8. Orochi_invisibleink

    NBA Finals 2009 -- THE LAKERS (vs the Magic)

    but dude, youre forgetting about gallinari (whoever the heck that is)
  9. Orochi_invisibleink

    NBA Finals 2009 -- THE LAKERS (vs the Magic)

    i went to several games this season, one of which was the knicks and they werent as exciting as you are making them out to be. give it up man.
  10. Orochi_invisibleink

    Vermont Legalizes Gay Marriage

    lol goooooo southtownkid! the sworn protector of all that is good and fair on the internets!
  11. Orochi_invisibleink

    Anybody feels excited to Fast and the Furious 4?

    this was worth the price of admission just to see that awesome 60's chevy truck with the semi-truck rear tires on it at the beginning of the movie, the buick grand national, and the "f-bomb" camaro towards the end:drool:
  12. Orochi_invisibleink

    Shooting in Binghampton, NY. At least 12 dead.

    the guy was an immigrant himself so yeah, we do know
  13. Orochi_invisibleink

    Games destroyed by someones rage..

    ive broken a controller for every single system i have ever owned (except AES). and when i say broken, i mean destroyed to the point that it was then tossed in the garbage. i also destroyed an original game boy back in the day by elbowing the screen until it broke. cant even remember what game...
  14. Orochi_invisibleink

    Gamestop to offer warranties on receipts

    its like that everywhere in europe (or in least in the countries i have been in)
  15. Orochi_invisibleink

    ttooddddyy -- witchcraft, a woman burned alive...whats going on???

    if you know of a better way to kill a witch id like to hear it
  16. Orochi_invisibleink

    Recently Fired Employee Shoots his Boss Dead at Xmas Party

    props to that dude for laying down the law and REFUSING to let the bad economy keep him down!
  17. Orochi_invisibleink

    Holy shit! F-18 crashes into San Diego suburb.

    sucks but im sure the surviving family will be set for life financially