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  1. titchgamer

    What are your fave beat em ups?

    Leading on from the last thread I figured why not have a general brawler discussion. What are your favourite or most memorable beat em ups? Heres a list of mine: NES: The Adventures of Bayou Billy - This one popped my cherry Back in the day, Not a great game by any means but had to be on the...
  2. titchgamer

    Neo Geo Beat em ups...

    I was just mulling over my thoughts and with my physical Copy of SOR4 en route and the talk of battletoads I got to thinking I want to play a beat em up. That got me thinking about Mutation Nation etc on the neo geo. Then I asked myself a question I could not really answer which is this: Why...
  3. titchgamer

    Spectrum Next: Round 2

    Not sure how many people are into the old micros on here but for those who are and maybe for tak heres a link to the next round of spectrum next on KS. I got to play on one beginning of the year, some of the...
  4. titchgamer


    Anyone having issues getting the forum up tapatalk on the iphone the last few days? Mine refuses to load the forum at all since about Tuesday.
  5. titchgamer

    Viewpoint 2064

    I know there is not a massive N64 following on here but this is pretty cool all the same. The unreleased sequel to viewpoint that never was, A prototype of Viewpoint 2064 has surfaced and been dumped so anyone can give it a go. I have stuck it on my ED and plan to give it a try tomorrow when I...
  6. titchgamer

    Terminator: Dark Fate

    Anyone seen it yet? What are your thoughts? I went to watch it last night and enjoyed it, It actually felt like a Terminator film to me and seems a acceptable sequel to T2.
  7. titchgamer

    Titch’s collection thread

    Some of you will be aware that for the last few months I have been converting a old Love and Berry cabaret candy cab. For those of you who dont know what one of those is cover your eyes: I have always wanted a big red or a neo 29, However due to house size restrictions I saw the berry for...
  8. titchgamer

    Random Game March: Super Dodge Ball (Neo Geo)

    For this month we have what I consider to be a hugely underrated and overlooked NG title Super Dodgeball! Available on: NeoGeo, Mame Default settings: Difficulty - 4 Enjoy! Leaderboard: 1st Chosen One - 77,000 - Kenji Team - MVS 2nd egg_sanwich - 43,300 - Kunio Team 3rd NERDtendo -...
  9. titchgamer

    Random Game March: Voting Thread

    Voting thread for RGOM! Your choices are: Super Dodge Ball (Neo Geo) IMO a very Underated and fun game! Neo Bomberman (Neo Geo) More blow up shit fun. Streets Of Rage 2 (Mega Drive) My fave game of all time if you are down for some long play.... R-Type Leo (MAME) Nice lil shooter.
  10. titchgamer

    Happy New Year!!

    Ime off out on the piss now so Happy new year you fags! See ya all in 2019.
  11. titchgamer

    MVS bootleg carts

    So I was wondering if some of you guys more knowledgeable than I could teach me some stuff regarding bootleg carts. I bought my first ever 2 carts the other day from reputable online dealers Metal Slug and Puzzle Bobble. Checked out slug and its legit, Puzz bob on the other hand is a bootleg...
  12. titchgamer

    Anywhere to get spine cards to print?

    Ime looking for somewhere that I can print off spine cards to go around my NGCD games so I know which are which rather than having to translate the japanese LOL Ive seen Arcade Magicians custom made ones which are really nice but not all games are included. Anyone know a good place to download...
  13. titchgamer

    Neo Geo region differences?

    Ime planing on fitting a region switch to my NGCD but ime thinking is there any point doing all 3? I know Japan is uncensored so thats obviously staying but I would like the option for English to :p Whats the differences between UK & USA? Is there anything worthwhile having both or is It a...
  14. titchgamer

    A new light gun? What do you all think? My interest has peeked as ime a big lover of lightgun games but would like more info on how this works.
  15. titchgamer

    Neo Geo CD PSU requirements

    Hi guys n gals, I have just purchased a Jap NGCD and need a step down transformer to run it. I have been looking around and these look good quality. Are they good enough to run the NGCD efficiently? Cheers.
  16. titchgamer

    Hey everyone!

    So I is Noob :) I have just brought a Neo Geo CD, Wanted one since I was a yoth but could never afford such luxuries so had to make do with my still much love Mega Drive lol Anywho I brought a very good condition NGCD complete with box, AV, PSU and 2 controllers. Only real downside of sorts is...