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  1. oldschool

    Neo Secret Santa 2021

    A card has finally arrived, but nothing else (apart from the chocolates).
  2. oldschool

    HBD Gutsdozer

    Have a safe holidays and birthday Gutz!
  3. oldschool

    Neo Secret Santa 2021

    My package has been sent out, see how I do this year with the estimate. How are you guys doing with increased postal rates? I got absolutely taken to the cleaners but it's worth it for my gamer bros!
  4. oldschool

    Dinosaur Planet beta (N64) leaked online!

    I hope this is better than Crow 64... What are the odds we'll ever see Twelve Tales released? :thevt:
  5. oldschool

    What are your top 10 favorite Bands of all time?

    Ariel Pink Beatles Boris Buckethead Do Make Say Think Frank Zappa Horse The Band King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Owen Pixies Bonus: Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet
  6. oldschool

    Anyone here collect toys/Action Firgures?

    Looking forward to this summer release, any excuse to buy toys that are intended for the wife!
  7. oldschool

    Diablo 2: Erection...err...Resurrected.

    I would die to see an updated Diablo with 2 player like the PlayStation version.
  8. oldschool

    Record collecting

    I was just thinking about owning Mother on vinyl, what do you think of this release?
  9. oldschool

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I honestly can't believe seeing a Monkey Ball scoop in 2021... Hope you disinfected that analog banana. :keke:
  10. oldschool

    Neo Secret Santa 2020

    My giftee didn't get their package in time, it got held up in Customs. I'm so sad right now but with a little luck it will arrive in the next few days? :crying: I got GutsDozer as my Santa, got super spoiled with things that I am not worthy for! An Akai keyboard controller, was actually going...
  11. oldschool

    Happy Birthday GutsDozer

    Happy Birthday Andy! Hope you have a boozy drink in hand to relax after all your hard work with the Secret Santa! :-J
  12. oldschool

    Neo Secret Santa 2020

    My package went out today with tracking, saving further viewing of this thread until the big day. ;)
  13. oldschool

    Neo Secret Santa 2020

    Sent a PM for entry if there is room for me. ;)
  14. oldschool

    WTB : Final Fantasy II SNES

    Shouldn't you start with Mystic Quest? :keke:
  15. oldschool

    Dollfuckers help me out - WTB NECA Ninja Turtle figures

    Prepare your anus for May 2021!
  16. oldschool

    Metroid live performance.

    Don't settle for less than the best!
  17. oldschool

    Dollfuckers help me out - WTB NECA Ninja Turtle figures

    Have you checked through your local Target/Gamestop for stock? Canada is pretty bone dry for any Neca distribution, I actually went to my local toy shop this morning and found a bunch of stuff. They had the 4-pack baby turtles (which I bought), the newer Shredder/Splinter/Foot Soldiers from...
  18. oldschool

    Approximately how many real copies of Slug 1 AES exist worldwide?

    Wait, are copies of the US Aerofighters 3 still being sold? :keke:
  19. oldschool

    N64 Wrestling Games

    One of these games is a must for Top 10 multiplayer, easily. I think I put the most time into Revenge, but the WWF titles are excellent as well. Combing through my newly arrived Nintendo Power and World Tour brings back great memories. Do you remember how epic it was to do co-op moves in tag...