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  1. THE1337ROB

    FT: Sega Naomi Motherboard and DIMM (no cables)

    Nothing to see here....move along...
  2. THE1337ROB

    Darksoft for Dummies (like me) and CPS3 mod. NOOBS ONLY!! Don't bust our balls ;)

    So, you've heard the exciting news about "Darksoft" and "SuperBios" and further decided to take the leap of immortalizing your CPS3 security cart but don't quite understand what the hell is being done to it...and for that matter what the hell the "SuperBios" is/does. Well, here's a video from...
  3. THE1337ROB

    FS: Pair of Brand New Seimitsu LS-32-002 Joysticks $45 shipped to cont. U.S.

    I ordered LS-32's but was sent the 5 pin/PCB LS-32-02. I need them for an Astro City and don't want to rewire. This model has the micro switch pins soldered to a pcb for 5 pin output. Anyhow, I'd be happy to get $45 shipped anywhere in the continental U.S. I'm taking a loss there and can't...
  4. THE1337ROB

    WTB: Pheonixed CPS 2 boards and CPS2 mother board

    Looking to pick up a CPS2 mother board and a couple of modified games with unencrypted roms. I'm not sure if some of the following exist in that form or not. Thought if anyone would know/have one, they'd be hanging out here :) Particularly interested in: Super Street Fighter II: The New...
  5. THE1337ROB

    WANT TO BUY/TRADE FOR: Japanese Candy Cabinet (Arcade Machine)

    I am looking for a Japanese arcade machine, colloquially known in some circles as "Candy Cabinets". The model(s) I am interested in are: Sega Astro City, Sega New Astro City, Sega Blast City, Sega Net City or a Sega New Net City. I am primarily a console collector and have many uncommon/rare...
  6. THE1337ROB


    Hi All, New to the forums and originally posted this in the wrong place, I'm sure that there is going to be some shit from that.... Anyhow, it looks like all the Texas meeting threads have long died off or "evolved" as threads nearly 8 years old do...... I notice a couple Austin area tags and...
  7. THE1337ROB

    New to the Forums: Neo-Geo 4 slot MVS ver. 3 check in CENTRAL TEXAS

    Hi All, New to the forums and looking to possibly get a Neo Club going in the Austin area. I'm thinking of maybe setting up a monthly meeting to get drunk and play/talk about Neo-Geo cab ownership, games, trade, etc. I also home-brew, so if you are a beer enthusiast AND a Neo-Geo enthusiast AND...
  8. THE1337ROB

    Korean Crown Cabinets: Opinions/Expertise/Ownership?

    Hi All, I'm new to the forums, and was wondering if anyone owned a Korean made Crown cab or have had any experience working on one first hand? General opinions, snarky comments, and all such Tom-foolery are welcome! Thanks!
  9. THE1337ROB

    WTB: CANDY CAB (Astro City, Aero City, Net City, Atomis Wave, or similar)

    Looking to buy a Japanese style arcade cabinet (candy cab) with a two player control panel. A stripped cabinet with monitor and power supply is pretty much all I need. Preferably a tri-sync rotatable monitor. Let me know what you have. I am outside of Austin Texas and looking for local...