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  1. TurboCro

    Kof 2002 mvs loose

    Looking to buy, no b00t plz
  2. TurboCro

    Happy Birthday DZ!

    Best wishes to the only real Gordon in chat (sorry turfy) :lolz:
  3. TurboCro

    Happy Birthday Whisper2053!

    Best wishes and get bannd pal! :keke:
  4. TurboCro

    Happy Birthday Mugicha!

    Best wishes pal:-J
  5. TurboCro

    Happy Birthday Xian Xi!

    Happy Berfday James!
  6. TurboCro

    Various Cables and Such (SCART, RGBS, Etc)

    Terms: Payment is accepted by paypal or postal money order. Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail. Shipping for one item is $5, two or more is free for contributing members. 1. Cheapo Chinese LK SCART to HDMI converter $20 SHIPPED! "Upscales to 720 or 1080P" but it looks like composite anyway. Fun...
  7. TurboCro


    All games were cared for and stored in a smoke-free home out of the sun. Terms: Payment is accepted via paypal gift or regular paypal + 4% Shipping: Shipping is additional. I generally use USPS Priority Mail. International shipping is via EMS ONLY! I ship within 3 days of receipt of payment...
  8. TurboCro

    AES GAMES FS including: AOF3, RBFF2, SSV

    I couldn't edit my old thread so I cleaned it up some. Please donate to the Nightmare Tony Fund or PCE Sinistron Relief All games were...
  9. TurboCro

    37 AES Games for Sale

    Time to turn over a new leaf. All games were cared for and stored in a smoke-free home out of the sun. Pictures are available on request. Terms: Payment is accepted via paypal gift or regular paypal + 4% Shipping: Shipping is additional. I generally use USPS Priority Mail. International...
  10. TurboCro

    AES Carts For Sale: KOF94, KOF97, KOF99, KOF00 and SNK vs Capcom

    All carts are from my collection. They are all stored out of sunlight in a smoke-free home. I have posted asking prices, they are firm but I will consider reasonable offers. Shipping is additional, I typically use USPS Priority Mail. Payment is via paypal gift or add 4%. KOF94: Good condition...
  11. TurboCro

    Interest Check: SSVS (US) Unfixed, SSV (JP) and SSIV (JP)

    They're all in NM condition overall. No finger dents on the manuals. Light insert marks on carts themselves. Kept out of sunlight in a non-smoking home. High resolution pics will be provided for serious offers. Terms: If paying via regular paypal add 4% or paypal gift. Shipping and handling is...
  12. TurboCro

    Interest Check - US KOF AES Carts: 2003, 2002 and 2001

    All carts were purchased new from the neostore and kept out of the sun in a non-smoking home. Terms: Shipping is typically via priority mail at your expense, or whichever carrier you prefer. Paypal surcharge of 4%, waived if by gift. Offer away. KOF 2003: Minty Mint KOF 2002: Near Mint...
  13. TurboCro

    FS: DVDO VP20 with ABT102 chip installed IC: Sega CDX

    Here are some pics of it working. Setup is a neo-geo via scart to RGBSync. Interest Check: I also have a couple of Sega CDX's. One is in really nice shape. The other isn't so nice and the cd cover open button sticks sometimes.
  14. TurboCro

    Closed: Thanks!

    *********Thread is now closed so I can stop being the post office's best customer***************** Thank you to everyone that purchased something, I hope you enjoy. I will have some more stuff for sale in the coming months. I'm not getting out of AES, just thinning the herd a bit...
  15. TurboCro

    Hori Neo Stick Wonkiness

    Hey all, I've got a Hori Neo Fighting Stick that works perfectly most of the time. Once in a while it'll stop recognizing down inputs. As it doesn't happen all the time, I'm not sure how to approach it. Any advice? Thanks
  16. TurboCro

    WTB Late Model SNES

    Heya, I'm looking for a late model SNES, like in the link below. It doesn't have to be mint, but just in good working condition. I need it for some upscaler testing. Thanks
  17. TurboCro

    KOFXIII - Brooklyn

    Seeing all the technical difficulties online and with the closure of Chinatown Fair (RIP), I found a new place: Fridays and Saturdays are the best for hardcore competition. If anyone wants to meet up, post here. Maybe we can get some people together.
  18. TurboCro

    SSF4:AE 2012

    I picked up AE on sale last week after selling off my regular SSF4 a few months ago. Since the release of the update its been 2 days of fierce competition, great matches and a steady stream of them. I'm really trying to pick up my game where I left off with Balrog. I also got my first "hate"...
  19. TurboCro

    The Big PS3 Clean Out - WTT for 360 or WTS

    My PS3 died and I'm tired of Sony. All stuff is kept well, bought new - no scratches on disks/complete with manual, non-smoking home. If paying by paypal add 3%) Here goes: 1 Hori HRAP3 complete in box, lightly used (I like the TE better) Asking $90 shipped via paypal including all fees...
  20. TurboCro

    WTT PS3 Sticks for 360 sticks

    1 HRAP3 - complete in box, mint condition Looking to trade for same/similar in XBOX 360 form. I'm located in NYC, will ship if necessary but prefer local