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  1. TMOSteel

    MVS 2 slot repair

    Looking for MVS 2 slot repair recommendations - went to boot my MVS Gold cab today to test a cart only to be greeted with the dreaded "green screen." I cleaned around the battery but did not see anything jumping out at me as far as corrosion goes. If anyone repairs 2 slots or can recommend...
  2. TMOSteel

    Signature image error

    Looks like images are back in signatures, but when I try and add mine back I get this error: Anybody else get this error?
  3. TMOSteel

    MVS X Multi Video System 50 titles, supports MVS and AES mode, October 2020 release, prices are somewhat confusing: one screen shows bar top for $449, base $99, both $499, and another says $399. 17" 1280x1024 monitor, but I would have preferred at least a 19", supports pixel to pixel and...
  4. TMOSteel

    Neo Geo AES commercial 90's USA

    Does anybody remember the Neo Geo commercial for the AES, most likely early 90's? I believe it was "bigger badder better" themed but I could be wrong, I think it referenced the Genesis and the NES or could have been Super NES. Its the only Neo Geo commercial I remember from back in the...
  5. TMOSteel

    SNK’s Yasuyuki Oda Asks if Fans Would Like a Metal Slug Reboot

    Got this in one of my feeds: SNK’s Yasuyuki Oda Asks if Fans Would Like a Metal Slug Reboot With Traditional One-Hit-KO Mechanic SNK's Game Division Deputy General Manager Yasuyuki Oda has a question for you about a hypothetical Metal Slug reboot and its mechanics...
  6. TMOSteel

    Whats one of the red "Mini" cabs worth?

    Local posting near me of one of the red "Mini" cabs, guessing its the MVS-2-13 from the picture posted. Compared it to one on hardMVS and it looks the same. Anybody know what these go for? Listing says it needs "restoration" but then again what well played Neo cab doesn't?
  7. TMOSteel

    Group Buy: Neo Geo X adapter group buy

    Group buy completed, mods can lock this thread.
  8. TMOSteel

    Mods please delete

    SOLD Mods please delete.
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    MODS please delete; I have withdrawn this for sale at this time.
  10. TMOSteel

    FS: Neo Geo Metal Slug 5 AES - $400.00 - selling at cost!

    Neo Geo Metal Slug 5 AES VG/NM condition $ 400.00 PayPal is my preferred method of payment. Package will be shipped USPS Priority Mail insured with signature confirmation within the U.S., should come to approximately $18.50. Will need to check flat rate shipping box dimensions on this...
  11. TMOSteel

    “Gold” MVS-2-19 manufacturer info needed

    Does anyone know what company manufactured the gold cabs for SNK? I’m wondering if they are still in business and if there is a way to track them down. Any info would be appreciated, thanks.
  12. TMOSteel

    "Gold" MVS-2-19 info needed!

    ***************************************************************** ORIGINAL TOPIC: MVS-4-25 specs and info needed! THANKS FOR THE INFO! PLEASE SEE "GOLD" CAB QUESTIONS BELOW! ***************************************************************** I'm looking to buy an original 4 slot, model...
  13. TMOSteel

    Tip for gamedude stickers

    Just a tip for anyone getting a cart with one of those “game dude stickers”: go out and buy some Goo Gone, period. Don't even bother to try anything else or you'll end up with either a sticker half gone or worse damage the case. Whatever you do DO NOT USE nail polish remover, it will damage...
  14. TMOSteel

    Metal Slug Rampage

    Just something FHM pointed out in Friday's email: Sorry if this has been posted before but I had fun with it and figurered I'd share the love...
  15. TMOSteel

    PLANET-DISSOLVING DUST CLOUD IS HEADED TOWARD EARTH! ...guess painting my bathroom this weekend just ain't such a big deal...
  16. TMOSteel

    Replacement Neo memory cards?

    Maybe this will have more luck in this forum: Do we have a list anywhere of what memory cards can be used to replace the Neo 2K? Or for that matter is there a detailed technical description of the card? With many of these reaching 14+ years old and no new productions on the horizon I think it...
  17. TMOSteel

    moved to general-please delete

    moved to general-please delete, thanks
  18. TMOSteel

    Gamestop XBOX 360 bundles: pass the crack pipe Core: $699.91 Silver: $799.90 Gold: $899.88 Ultimate: $1199.83 All I wanna know is which honcho at Gamestop is smokin' some sh*t and can they please pass some my way? Who the hell is gonna shell out that kind of $$$? And I don't even get to pick my own...
  19. TMOSteel

    Madonna Suffers Broken Bones in Accident

    AP: Madonna Suffers Broken Bones in Accident Tue Aug 16, 3:54 PM NEW YORK - Madonna's 47th birthday celebration was marred when she suffered several broken bones in a horse riding accident at her country home outside London, her publicist told The Associated Press on Tuesday. The superstar...
  20. TMOSteel

    OT: James Doohan, 'Star Trek's' Scotty, dead

    I never know where to post OT info so please move this if needed: I'm sorry to see him go but I guess it was just his time to get "beamed up"... The word is given, my friend, WARP SPEED...