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  1. Nickrb

    [SOLD] Fast Striker 1.6 MVS Reprint Game Center + Extras

    Thanks for looking. Reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone. This is an FS MVS reprint Game Center kit with a bunch of extras. Comes with one (1) MVS copy of the game, one (1) sealed CD soundtrack, and a whole bunch of extra kit bits as pictured. Works great and is a fantastic game...
  2. Nickrb

    MVS Street Hoop + AF2 + PI2 + Blazing Star + more

    Closed, sold items retained for reference with prices Sold items Prehistoric Isle 2 MVS with shock box. $90 (Pending) Omega CMVS- this is a stock MV1C (no unibios, mono audio). Comes with RGB Euro SCART, component, and composite/s-video cables. The internal volume POT is set at a low...
  3. Nickrb

    5V US AES picture warping

    Any idea what could be causing this issue? Occurs with both composite and RGB input for a 13 inch PVM and an LCD (but is much less noticeable on the LCD). LCD composite: PVM composite: PVM RGB:
  4. Nickrb

    SOLD RBFF AES (loose) + working memory card

    RBFF JP AES loose + working memory card RBFF comes with soft case (cracking) + printed insert Bundle price $52 + shipping SOLD
  5. Nickrb

    WTB: AES Dog Tags

  6. Nickrb

    [GONE] 8-inch PVM- for cost of shipping or free pickup (LI, NY)

    8-inch PVM- free, but whoever claims it pays shipping. Local pickup for free. I reserve the right to refuse a request. Has a minor, but likely fixable, issue.
  7. Nickrb

    WTB: Metal Slug 2 AES JP

    Looking for an original JP AES home cart. :snack:
  8. Nickrb

    Diagonal green lines on PVM

    Just curious about these and what the problem might be. I am a neophyte with the PVM. Thank you for the help in advance.
  9. Nickrb

    ASO II Last Guardian AES

    I apologize if this is in the wrong subforum, wasn't sure where it should go. I am but a lowly peasant who does not normally collect AES games, but have made an exception for my sixth most favorite neo shooter. I won an auction for ASO II Last Guardian (Japanese), complete for a little over...
  10. Nickrb


    SSV MVS Kit Comes with everything pictured. $160 shipped in the US ($154 via gift). Very nice kit. Willing to ship internationally, but buyer pays full shipping cost and payment is via paypal gift only. :mr_t: SOLD
  11. Nickrb

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag

    Guten tag Tak. Arzt Pilz wird es hasse, dass ich hier gepostet. :vik:
  12. Nickrb

    Happy Birthday Tak

    And congrats to Deutschland :mr_t:
  13. Nickrb

    WTB: Art of Fighting 3 AES (or MVS)

    :up: JP AES preferred, but up for anything.
  14. Nickrb

    SOLD: Super Spy JP AES (Soft case is missing tray)

    Super Spy JP AES, $28 shipped in the US ($25 if paid by gift payment). Soft case is totally missing the tray. Thank you.
  15. Nickrb

    Free Download Code: CYNIC - Carbon Based Anatomy ADDED: SWORD - GODS OF THE EARTH

    To say thanks to demo guy, giving away a download code for Carbon Based Anatomy by progressive rock/metal band Cynic. Download code is ZW6JK9R7XF
  16. Nickrb

    Winner: BARTRE Free raffle: tototek PS2Neo adapter/brand new PS2 controller/NAMCO PS stick

    This is all jacked up. Lets see if I can salvage it to some degree. See final post.
  17. Nickrb

    Neo Sticks + Samurai Shodown III MVS + More

    Well, I got some killer sticks from shadowkn55. So all these other ones I have sitting around the house need to go. Also getting rid of Samurai Shodown III MVS. Prices are shipped in the USA via regular Paypal. If you pay by gift, take 5% off the listed prices. I will consider shipping...
  18. Nickrb

    Philly Cheesesteak + New York Mets Appreciation Thread

    The Philadelphia Cheesesteak. The New York Mets. What can I say that hasn't been said already? I prefer Pat's when I'm in the city of brotherly love and wanna take a few years off my life.
  19. Nickrb

    The Future is Now

    The Galactic Cap :thevt:
  20. Nickrb

    GohanX: an alright guy

    Objective of this thread is to leave feedback for GohanX- great guy to Buy/Sell/Trade with