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  1. profholt82

    NGCD Warning Message

    I was playing Fatal Fury 3 CD earlier, and after winning the "accident" mid-boss fight against Ryuji Yamazaki, this screen came up and the game stopped. I was playing an actual SNK disc, I don't even have any burned games. This has never happened before, so I was taken aback. After turning the...
  2. profholt82

    WTB NGCD Games & Bean Stick

    Hello, I'm after Mutation Nation and Ninja Commando on the Neo CD. I'll pay $100 for each if they're in good shape and complete. If disc only or scratched but working well, I'd still be willing to work something out. If you think my offer price sucks, tell me what you're looking to get. I'm easy...
  3. profholt82

    Metal Jesus Rocks Neo Geo

    I came across this new Metal Jesus overview video of Neo Geo hardware and games today. It features collector John Hancock. Have at it, fellas.