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  1. awbacon

    2022 RetroPie Setup and Build Guide - High Time for Pi Time - 1/21

    I keep getting asked for Pi content...mostly to pit against the hey...why not. I like pie (it was all I could do to not make a pie crust for it)
  2. awbacon

    Unported Playlist Part 7 - can't stop wont stop - Haunted Museum - 1/16

    I do love the Type X as it's both fun hardware to collect for AND easy to run on Windows lol
  3. awbacon

    the 3DO M2 SDK source code...and I am releasing it

    Sure its niche but its damn fun!
  4. awbacon

    Ai Cho weird, but so good

    is Ai Cho Aniki the best shmup on the PC Engine? No...but that doesn't matter because its so damn charming and weird I can't help but love it
  5. awbacon

    Mr. MiSTer - FPGA series part 2 - Sharp X68000 full setup guide - 1/20

    Who will small FPGA or the juggernaut that is MAME
  6. awbacon

    Devilman on PS1; Survival Horror Sanctuary - 1/18

    In some alternate dimension somewhere this is the Resident Evil 2 everyone plays and thats probably legit cool
  7. awbacon

    The PSX DVR; the dumpster fire PS2 that I love so much

    Yes its a hot piece of garbage that breaks whenever it feels like and barely has a purpose...but what other console is a giant white monolithic slab that MAY have the DVR half filled with anime tentacle action...because mind did :ROFLMAO:
  8. awbacon

    The Hyper Neo Geo 64 Encyclopedia

    I want more Hyper HYPE! But its just a long ass comprehensive look at the Hyper for people to chew on over the holiday
  9. awbacon

    The 3DO / Konami M2 archive xmas dump of 2021

    Obscure? Sure. But it's my xmas gift to the community this year. Lots of undumped variant discs :)
  10. awbacon

    MiSTer FPGA vs Final Burn Neo - the Neo Geo Showdown for not Big Tymers

    Obv Big Tymers will waste too much $$$ over time on Neo Geo because we are dumb...but what should intelligent people do?
  11. awbacon

    A Very Fun Xmas! Batman Returns and Steam credit giveaway - 12/28

    It's not Christmas without Die Hard and presents. But seriously I just want to have fun this year since it's still been sucking for a lot of people Go hear me wax poetic about Die Hard and maybe win a copy of Metroid Dread. But mostly the Die Hard part!
  12. awbacon

    Shenmue 2 N. American prototype is here...thats cool

    Now I'll never have to worry about snapping my PAL cases ever again as I open them. Stupid cases
  13. awbacon

    The Dreamcast didn't have to die part 2 - Model 2 vs M2 in 1996 - 12/23

    I'd been teasing this for awhile but today is the day I take it apart and hopefully dont break it
  14. awbacon

    The "Ultimate Neo Geo on MiSTer" guide

    I mean obv I am an idiot who continues to expand his AES collection even if there are multiple options out there to NOT spend a fucking kings ransom on this stuff but I also know an awesome device when I see it But it's not lets make it perfect!
  15. awbacon

    Duckstation tutorial, setup guide and review...shit this is cool

    SotN in 4K? damn but I'd been getting a lot of questions about Duckstation so I figured why not
  16. awbacon

    Found - Taito Type X2

    For YouTube. Want do to a multi setup / teardown / showcase of the games. If it's already a multi...awesome! If it's just a decent cosmetic condition Type X2 I can multi....just as good! Can't seem to find one that isn't coming from China and I'd rather not pay $100 just in shipping and cross...
  17. awbacon

    Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder...a perfect game?

    Not gonna lie IMO this is what "perfect" looks like when it comes to beat em ups. Sega hit a grand slam with this one.
  18. awbacon

    Scud Race on "Dreamcast" exists

    so go "play" it lol
  19. awbacon

    Tomb Raider on 3DO

    I mean shit...that's cool!
  20. awbacon

    Nightmare in the Dark - because its October...still!

    Hands down a legit awesome game that I wish more people loved. Plus those graphics and that music...(chefs kiss)