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  1. Razoola

    UNIVERSE BIOS v4 is now free.

    As some of you know I have stopped selling the UNIVERSE BIOS last year. As of today you can download the latest versions from the download section at Please note that this does not give one the right or permission to start selling it on eBay or any other website. If you...
  2. Razoola

    Have I found a perviously unknown code for Last Blade / Last Blade 2 (NeoGeo CD versions)?

    Been looking at these games and discovered in the coding a button code for both games that I have not seen mentioned anywhere in any game FAQs online. Basically if you hilight the demo viewer in the options menu of either game and press the following button code - (C) (C) (C) (C) (C) (C) (B)...
  3. Razoola

    Any unlockables in Kof96 collection (NeoGeo CD)?

    Does the King of Fighters 96 collection on NeoGeo CD have any onlockable features or secrets? If so what and how to open? Raz
  4. Razoola

    161-in-1 version 2 stability fix.

    It is with a big thanks to 'ack' that this issue was found and fixed. To cut a long story short, ack donated me a 4SLOT in relation to fixing issues in PICKnMIX on multislot hardware. Once I got the MVS I could not get my 161-in-1 working correctly with it. Yet for ack it was working fine. Only...
  5. Razoola

    PICKnMIX Help & Support thread.

    I have started this thread so users can ask for help and get support when using the Universe Bios v4.0 PICKnMIX feature. Hopefully this thread will stay small as everything should work and has been well tested. But you never know. A special thanks to 'ack' for exstensive bug reporting and...
  6. Razoola

    Universe Bios 4.0 MVS/AES released!

    It's finally here... After over 2 years of waiting version 4.0 of The Universe Bios is here. This year is SNK's 40th anniversary so it seems really fitting to release v4.0 in the same year. Big new feature in this version (PICKnMIX) and lots of other new things, changes and fixes also. While...
  7. Razoola

    NeoGeo ROM Preservation Society thread.

    Thanks, here is edited version :) Here is a thread listing NeoGeo game revisions that are known to exist but are not currently preserved (dumped). The aim of this thread is to get these games saved and also a place to keep a list of known unpumped game revisions. I will keep this list updated...
  8. Razoola

    PICKnMIX button configuration Poll.

    What button configuration makes more sense when cycling up and down through games? The thinking on option 1 is given 'A' is the primary button it should advance game (A=advance). 'B' is for previous game (B = Back). The thinking behind option 2 is it makes the buttons act like turning the...
  9. Razoola

    WTB: NeoGeo AES

    I'm looking for an AES. It does not have to be pretty or come with a joystick or RGB mods as long as its fully working. I would need the PSU and video lead. It would be very helpful if it has had a socket installed for the Universe Bios. This is going to be used for some dev work.
  10. Razoola

    NeoGeo Time going untra fast / speeding.

    I have an intermittant fault coming on my MV1-FS. It seems that sometimes the time goes into overdrive and is speeding along like no tomorrow. Anyone else seen this problem and if so is it an easy fix? While it speeds this way does it also drain the backupRAM battery quicker?
  11. Razoola

    Undumped Garou AES cart.

    At the anual Finnish NeoGeo meet tonight we have confirmed there is an original undumped AES version of Garou in the wild. To know if you have the undumped version the first reported CRC32 (ROM region) in the unibios check will be 0x2E849FE2. Examining the data (with PC-2-NEO) shows the SMA chip...
  12. Razoola

    161in1 understanding its logic.

    I have decided to take a look how the 161in1 multicarts work and post details here. Hopefully this info will be helpful in the event somone works out how to reprogram devices holding game into. I will update this thread as and when I get new information. I reveived one this morning which I...
  13. Razoola

    Unibios future version color changes, feedback wanted.

    The main Universe Bios screen colors have changed a few times over the years and given that I am now starting work on the next version, I have confirmed to myself it will be version 4.0. Before anyone asks there is currently no ETA I can give apart from during 2018. Now, to mark the milestone I...
  14. Razoola

    An undumped Blues Journey revision (AES) is out there, Help needed.

    It has been brought to my attension that there is an undumped version of Blues Journey (AES) in the wild. Can anyone with an AES version of the Game and a unibios please run your cart through the unibios game cart check and post the results in this thread if you see 'NG' reported. Thanks :)
  15. Razoola

    Beats of Rage, NeoGeo port.

    This looks fun, not sure if it has already been posted. Something from HPMAN, an open source port running on NeoGeo. CACanuonT2U Below are the neogeo wip progress a9SkcBQaYoM rsZ2j4iwjZo 0XvLwMDdZHQ
  16. Razoola

    Home for all things geeky.

    Yea!!! A new home for chit chat and other stuff related to NeoGeo HW,Programming and Homebrew related things :)
  17. Razoola


    does anyone have a translation of the syougi soft dips or can do a quick translation? Raz
  18. Razoola

    NEOGEO Land ...

    WTF was that YouTube video that mysteriously appeared then disappeared a few days ago? This is what a few people have been asking... What ever it was, it was a 'WOW' moment they say!!!
  19. Razoola

    Neo Geo CD Universe Bios 3.3 Released!

    Found the time this weekend to updated the CD Universe Bios to a new version. This one hopefully fixes the small issues affecting v3.2 making the overall experience on the Universe Bios on the CD system far more polished. WHATS NEW IN VERSION 3.3 --------------------------------- Improvements...
  20. Razoola

    Universe Bios 3.3 MVS/AES released!

    It's finally here... Today I have released version 3.3 of the Universe Bios. A couple of nice new features along with the normal updates relating to cheats and stuff. See below for a complete list of changes. WHATS NEW IN VERSION 3.3 --------------------------------- Additions / Changes...