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  1. Tw3ek

    WTB: Japanese Vectrex/Bandai Kousokusen

    Another pretty big longshot but if anyone has one of these they’re looking to part with, let’s talk!
  2. Tw3ek

    WTB: Mega Drive/MegaCD Model 1

    Hello! I am looking for a model 1 Mega Drive and model 1 Mega CD. If you have one you would like to part with, lets chat :) Edit: Mega Drive found! Still looking for Model 1 Mega CD though!
  3. Tw3ek

    WTB: Aiwa Sega CSD-GM1

    Hello! Extreme longshot here, but looking for the combo Mega Drive/CD/Tape deck. If you’ve got one you wanna part with even if it needs work, let’s talk!
  4. Tw3ek

    FS: Japanese AES

    Hello! I am looking to sell the following AES titles. Prices include shipping within the US (international is possible but please contact me first!) Cyber Lip - 325 SOLD Kabuki Klash (photocopy manual) - 300 SOLD 8Man (no manual) - 250 Top Hunter - 500 SOLD Ragnagard - 725 SOLD If my prices...
  5. Tw3ek

    FOUND: NBA Jam TE Japanese Saturn

    Kind of an out there request, but if anyone has a Japanese Saturn copy of NBA Jam, let's talk!
  6. Tw3ek

    SOLD: JNX CMVS (Pics added) want a CMVS but you don't wanna sacrifice quality and buy one from AliExpress? Look no further, as James makes nothing but the finest. This CMVS has your full range of visual outputs (composite, component, S-Video and RGB) for whatever floats your boat, and comes with an actual...
  7. Tw3ek

    Happy Birthday bubba966!

    Happy birthday man. Hope you get some nice NOS cake today!
  8. Tw3ek

    WTB: Manual of the Planes AD&D

    Hello! Long shot here but if anyone has an old copy of the Manual of the Planes that they'd no longer like, I'd be interested in purchasing it. I am looking for this edition: Thanks!
  9. Tw3ek

    FOUND!: Breakers JPN AES

    Hello! :) I know this is an extreme longshot, but if anyone has a copy of this game they would like to sell, please let me know. Thanks for looking!
  10. Tw3ek

    FOUND: Ninja Commando JPN AES

    Hello! Looking for a copy of Ninja Commando (JPN version) for the AES. If you've got one to sell, please let me know! Thanks!
  11. Tw3ek

    FS: MVS carts

    Hello! I have a few MVS carts for sale. Shipping to the US is $8 per cart but I'll combine shipping if you want more than 1. I can ship internationally, but it will be more expensive. There are a few exceptions, but under most circumstances I do not ship to Florida ;) Any questions? Prices off...
  12. Tw3ek

    WTB: 8 Man JPN AES

    Hello! Looking for a copy of 8Man on AES, Japanese version. If you've got one you would like to sell, please let me know. Thanks! :)
  13. Tw3ek

    Sharp SF1: no picture

    Hello! So I recently picked up this TV that was claimed "untested" (aka doesn't work). The TV portion of it works fine, but the game section displays nothing. When hooked up to the multi-out port on the back of the TV and fed back into video outputs, there is sound (kinda spotty, the connection...
  14. Tw3ek

    Feedback for Schiggidyd

    Bought a couple AES games off me and was a pleasure to deal with. Just making this thread so I can leave him some feedback :)
  15. Tw3ek

    Several dead in shooting in Munich shopping mall Seems like every single day some crap happens now.....
  16. Tw3ek

    Raffle: King of Fighters 99 MVS

    Hello all! I recently got a copy of this game with a CMVS, but already have it, so I figured why not let it go to someone who will get some fun out of it! If you want it, just reply to the thread with your name and I'll get you entered. Drawing for the winner will be 7/25, so get your entries...
  17. Tw3ek

    SOLD: Art of Fighting 3 AES JPN

    Hello! Please see pictures below for condition. I think it may have a bit of sunfade, but honestly my eyes are not that great. Asking $375 shipped within the US of A. Got any questions? Just ask! No n00bs, leeches, or LiquidSnake (you could have waited a few hours, just saying)
  18. Tw3ek

    WTB: 2 Slot MVS and Samurai Spirits Zero MVS

    Hello! I am looking for a MVS 2 slot board and copy of SSV (JPN version please and thank you). Arts/movestrips/kit stuff not necessary. If you've got one you wouldn't mind parting with, let me know! Thanks :D
  19. Tw3ek

    FOUND: Epoch Super Cassette Vision

    Kind of a long shot, but I am hoping to find a Super Cassette Vision system and possibly a cassette or two. Box not necessary but appreciated and hopefully minimal controller cover damage. If you want to part with one, let me know! :) Thanks for looking!
  20. Tw3ek

    Happy Birthday LemonyVengeance!