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  1. Bay78

    Razion EX (NG:Dev.Team)

    Too bad they didn't offer a digital download. I know it's more collectable, but I tried to get one and had one of each in my cart and before I could pay poof gone :( . I know it's high demand, but I thought once you had it in your cart they would give you a minute or two to check out. Argh oh well
  2. Bay78

    Free Metal Slug 3 XBLA

    WOW, some great games they're giving away for free. I'm checking the store if they are still free now........
  3. Bay78

    WTB: Capcom CPS3 setup

    Nobody interested in selling a Capcom CPS3 setup?
  4. Bay78

    ZDTF's What's it worth thread.

    Hello everyone, I’m wondering what the current going rate of a SNK Gang Wars would be?
  5. Bay78

    WTB: Capcom CPS3 setup

    Just like the ad says I’m looking for a Capcom CPSIII setup. Let me k ow what you have and what you want for it? Suicided games are o.k as well.
  6. Bay78

    WTB: Naomi Universal 2 player control panel

    Hello, looking for a two player control panel for a Naomi Universal. Ideally would love a Zombie Revenge original but will take what's available. PM with pics and prices. Thanks:glee:
  7. Bay78

    Metal Slug X Fix for 9v-12v Neo's - All converters

    Stupid question from me here. What’s the easiest way to tell if your AES is 5V or not? The AC adapter says 10V and it’s a version 3-6 where I followed your guide to fix the jailbars by removing those three traces.
  8. Bay78

    Metal Slug X Fix for 9v-12v Neo's - All converters

    Does this work with the new japangameonline converter? I picked it up and it works mint with any MVS cart I threw at it until Metal Slug X. It goes to the universe bios screen and resets. Any suggestions?
  9. Bay78

    WTB: League Bowling AES US version

    Hi there, Just like the title says looking for a decent to mint League Bowling complete ISA version for AES. Let me know if you have and what you want for it.
  10. Bay78

    The Neo Geo mini is coming...

    Anyone hear of pre-orders opening up for the Neo Geo International edition yet? And where it’s going to be carried? I went to Gamestop and they didn’t even know about it!
  11. Bay78

    WTB: Metal Slug 5 MVS cart

  12. Bay78

    WTB: Metal Slug 5 MVS cart

    Lol thanks, I didn’t know that but now you mention it makes sense as I have never seen one before.
  13. Bay78

    WTB: Metal Slug 5 MVS cart

    Looks like I’m not the only one looking for one of these but I don’t really care condition, I’m interested in both Cart and or kit. I sold my Slug collection a few years ago and now regret it greatly. Thanks a lot in advance and hopefully we both can get some Slug 5 action! Edited wtb Japanese...
  14. Bay78

    MVS & AES NEOSD flash card... AES Version ANNOUNCED & AVAILABLE!!

    Well that’s a good thing actually. So they know that they can continue to develop without having to worry about their work going unpaid. Also for the consumer that buys the Neo Geo Dev games will be happy as well that not just anyone can play it.
  15. Bay78

    MVS & AES NEOSD flash card... AES Version ANNOUNCED & AVAILABLE!!

    Hi there, I’m wondering if anyone has tested if you can play your Neo Geo Dev team games with the NeoSD?
  16. Bay78

    Unibios, NeoSaveMasta, & Battery-free questions

    So what do I need to use the PC-2-Neo feature ?
  17. Bay78

    SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Announced for Switch

    Has anyone heard when they are going to announce more titles on the compilation? I love Neo Geo but I'm super stoked that the pre Neo SNK games are finally getting some much needed and deserved love!
  18. Bay78

    Neo•Geo Shoutout on Jeopardy!

    Still pretty cool to see Neo Geo and worth mentioning even if it wasn't the Neo Geo we were hoping for.
  19. Bay78

    Unibios, NeoSaveMasta, & Battery-free questions

    WOW this is cool. I can't wait to get my Unibios 4.0 and start playing around with this. I probably missed this somewhere but what are all the differences between the original Neo Geo memory card and the new savemasta?
  20. Bay78

    SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy Announced for Switch and PS4

    I think it's great that they are trying something new. It's been a while since a new SNK franchise has come out. Maybe there will be a demo closer to release that we'll be able to try out and see for ourselves how cool and good or how brutal it is.