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  1. fenikso

    Happy Birthday Ralfakick

    Happy birthday!
  2. fenikso

    Weekly Roundup

    Switch Dragon Quest II Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection GBA Legend of Zelda Link to the Past Lynx Klax
  3. fenikso

    Glued AES games

    When I opened my NGPC for the first time earlier this year, to upgrade the screen, it was missing three screws inside. Quality.
  4. fenikso

    Goodbye and Godspeed (NES/SNES creator dead)

    I'll be breaking out my Famicom this weekend. Rest in peace.
  5. fenikso

    Game & Watch™: The Legend of Zelda™

    While I doubt they'd do Metroid G&W, as well, a Metroid, Metroid 2 and third random NES game (idk, Kid Icarus maybe) G&W would be pretty sweet.
  6. fenikso

    Happy Birthday NeoSneth

    Happy birthday!
  7. fenikso

    Happy Birthday Tacitus and Decepticreep

    Happy birthday!
  8. fenikso

    Ahmaud Arbery Murder Trial

    Makes a nice change from how this usually goes in the south.
  9. fenikso

    Thanksgiving Thread, 2021 Coronaberry Sauce Edition

    No, no you're not.
  10. fenikso

    Game & Watch™: The Legend of Zelda™

    Started playing Link's Awakening, pretty sweet. Strange they didn't use the GBC port.
  11. fenikso

    Weekly Roundup

    Saturn Installed a Fenrir in one of my Saturns. So.... Lots of different stuff. Got the LoZ G&W, but haven't opened it yet. Looking forward to messing around with it on breaks at work.
  12. fenikso

    Dean Stockwell has passed.

    RIP. Just watched his episode of Star Trek Enterprise the other day.
  13. fenikso

    New SNK Console in 2021

    Took mine out the other day and the rubberized backing is starting to degrade. Good stuff.
  14. fenikso

    Official Dune: Part One Thread

    Audio mixing was fucking horrible. I have a decent stereo setup, and fucked if I could hear half the dialogue. This trend in new movies needs to fucking end already. Meh movie, that I still enjoyed. I'll watch it again sometime... with closed captioning on.
  15. fenikso

    Arcademan Master of Birthdays it's your turn!

    Happy birthday!
  16. fenikso

    Weekly Roundup

    NES SMB3 Tetris DK Classics Dynowarz: Destruction of Spondylus Adventure Island Adventures in the Magic Kingdom Broke down and picked up some 8bitdo wireless controllers for NES.
  17. fenikso

    GDEMU Installation Guide and Giveway

    Clone. I don't know anybody that has the 'official' one.
  18. fenikso

    Alec Baldwin Brandon Lee'd someone

    Just saw this headline a few minutes ago... Man, doing something like that would fuck you up.
  19. fenikso

    Steam Deck Portable PC Games Hardware

    Video made it sound like it was their internal review team doing the certification.
  20. fenikso

    Cotton 2 / Cotton Boomerang / Guardian Force (Switch/PS4) Saturn Tribute

    Got my copy in the mail today, and left it in plain sight on the front seat of my car while I was at work. Nobody had the decency to steal it. What the hell is the world coming to?! Could news of its crappiness have spread that fast?