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  1. NeoCverA

    LoopTris - another little homebrew

    Released a few days back. Free to the world. Cool little Tetris in a tube style game.
  2. NeoCverA

    Razoola: Xenocrisis Twin Stick Unibios Cheat?

    Raz, Would it be possible to make a cheat that allows the use of player 1 and 2 sticks for controls? I’ve seen it done via software cheat? I’ve seen some hardware modification adding transistors etc to some chips.
  3. NeoCverA

    Unibios 1.0

    Was there ever a way to enter the soft dip settings in 1.0?
  4. NeoCverA

    Classic Game Fest - Austin, TX Anyone gonna be there?
  5. NeoCverA

    Neogeo memory card utility

    Was there ever a way to enter the memory card utility at the arcades or just at home on (home console)?
  6. NeoCverA

    Anyone own a Big Red?

    Was wondering what the height is of the control panel. If you have a Big Red Cab, would you please measure? Chris
  7. NeoCverA

    RIP Paul Mooney

  8. NeoCverA

    Samurai Shodown V Special soft dip settings

    I’ve noticed some differences between running special in Jap and Us region arcade modes specifically with the violence soft dip settings. Was hoping someone could shed some light on this. In Japan / arcade mode the soft dip violence setting provides 3 levels (1,2,3) 3 being the maximum...
  9. NeoCverA

    Unibios attract mode question

    Does the unibios have an option to be in 4-slot mode? Or 6 slot etc, or infinite? Something that mimics having an arcade Cabinet and cycles through the games or just plays through the attract modes or multiple games?
  10. NeoCverA

    Irritating Maze FINALLY working on ASP - HyloStick PRO

    This was the only damn game that was irritating the hell out of us but finally its working!
  11. NeoCverA

    Snk fighters moves site?

    Besides gamefaqs, was there or is there a site with a complete list of moves for all of the snk fighters? I’ve come across some incomplete places but I remember printing out some cool color pages of a lot of games and putting them in a folder. Is there still a site that’s up?
  12. NeoCverA

    Akira 4K IMAX release POSTER

  13. NeoCverA

    Unibios Cheats - Easy Supers and Always auto SDM combos?

    Noticed these cheats and wondering how to implement them? Anyone mess with these? Not asking how to select the cheat, I'm asking once it has been selected, what do you do to perform an "easy" super. and wtf does AUTO sdm combos mean/ do?
  14. NeoCverA

    Wasn't there a bouncing ball neogeo animation/ intro?

    Am I imagining this or wasn't there an intro with a bouncing NEOGEO logo and it said "S - N - K" I can't find it online anywhere - its been on my mind. Anyone know where it was introduced/ what game?
  15. NeoCverA

    Irritating Maze - Controller hack?

    This is an old subject that surfaced in 2004-5 i believe. I know there's a cheat that enables controller mode via unibios (thanks to Razoola)but I can't even get to the unibios since its running its own bios. When I do a funny trick to get to unibios, my controller and buttons don't work - so...
  16. NeoCverA

    Anyone good at making simple script tools?

    I’m working on a project and need a tool that would generate an ini/text file based on the order I plug in a file name. I figure it would be I excel then I arrange it a certain way, once I have it done then the tool takes those filenames and drops them in that order but in the format I need.
  17. NeoCverA

    Site with sound rips from games?

    Are there any sites that house sound rips to games? Like samurai, slugs etc?
  18. NeoCverA

    Disney Plus is Live!

    Is there a thread about this already? Fuck it, it’s live. Updated my tv and the app showed up. LGE8 - webOS content store Lots of shit, hdr, 4K support $7, original content.
  19. NeoCverA

    Will be in Los Angelas Aug5-9 - what's the deal?

    Gonna take a little vacation out to California. Landing around 9am Monday Aug. 5 and will be there until the 9th. What to do, where to eat. Willing to take a drive up north (Coast/SF area). Don't give a shit about celebrity homes.
  20. NeoCverA

    Hey guys how long before Justin gets the ban?

    Is the best?