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    FS: Marquee Holders for NAC, AWSD/E2/E3 & SN29

    These are FrancoB Marquee Holders. Perfect condition, no scratches. Prices in $USD and do not include shipping. PM me for a quote. Payment via PP Gift/FF or +4% NAC = $100 AWSD/E2/E3 = $100 Super Neo 29 = $100
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    FS: PGM Goodness

    Prices are in $USD and do not include shipping. PM me for shipping quote. Payment via PP Gift/FF or +4% DDP DJ BL = $210 (SOLD) EspGaluda = $210 (SOLD) Ketsui = $210 (SOLD) Gladiator = $130 (SOLD) Knights of Valour 2: Nine Dragons = $95 (SOLD) DDP2: Bee Storm = $190 Oriental Legend = $60...
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    WTB: Naomi 2 motherboard

    Let me know if you have one. Thanks!
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    SOLD: Prehistoric Isle 2 w/ Shock

    >>SOLD<< $135 USD Shipped in N.America (tracked and insured) PP gift or +4%
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    SOLD: TiT pcb with extras

    Original pcb - great condition and super clean - works perfectly Comes with both 4p and 2p roms and FrancoB's RCA adapter I will throw in an untested 4 player harness as well. $325 USD + shipping >>SOLD<< PP gift or +4%
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    FS: TAITO X2 Motherboard w/ Multigame SSD + Hellfire + OL2 PGM2 cart

    Prices in $USD - Payment via PP gift Shipping NOT included unless specified. PM for shipping quote. ============================= ============================= Taito X2 Motherboard (208A) + Multi-Game SSD - $550 Shipped (N.America Only). >>SOLD<< - This version (208A) will play all games...
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    FS: Powerstone Naomi Cart w/ Neo-Mini Box

    Prices are in $USD - Payment via PP gift or + 4% ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Power Stone (JP) w/ Neo-Mini Box and Label - $90 + shipping ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// All games are 100% original w/...
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    SOLD: Battle Garegga PCB

    SOLD TO ONE OF THE 23,127 MEMEBERS FOR $650 SHIPPED! Price is broken up into two categories as follows: 1) wyo_vr4 - $800 USD + a 10% asshole tax and + $2.00 for the big fucking bow I'm going to wrap it with 2) The rest of 23,127 members of this forum - $650 USD shipped PP gift or +4%
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    ALL SOLD!! $150 Shipped for the Lot!! Breakers, SS3 & KoF'96 w/ shocks - PRICE DROP!

    Lot Price $150 shipped for the remaining games: Breakers SS3 Kof'96 Prices are in $USD and DO NOT include shipping Shipping Cost: (tracked and insured) Add $15 for one cart and an extra $5 for each additional cart Payment via PP gift or +4%...
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    WTB: King of Route 66 Naomi 2 cart

    I recently bought an 18 Wheeler upright cab and would like to be able to play the sequel as well. I'm in need of a Naomi 2 motherboard too...if you have both even better.
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    SOLD : NEO XYX MVS LE KIT !! $650 Shipped !!

    SOLD ---->>> $650 USD Shipped I will only shipped fully insured and tracked. PP gift or +4% NO TRADES. Comes with everything of course and in mint condition. The cart shell is blue plastic which was requested by me because wood was a stupid idea. Kit Box & Dip Sheet (not pictured)...
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    Crazy Taxi & 18 Wheeler Upright Cab Questions

    I found a Craigslist ad selling the 18 Wheeler only. I'm not really interested in 18 Wheeler but the Crazy Taxi beside it caught my eye. I emailed asking if he would consider selling the Crazy Taxi and it was a definite NO. Blah, blah, blah, I made an offer he couldn't refuse for both and here...
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    SOLD!! GunLord MVS LE Kit <---Price Drop

    Everything is in mint condition and the game is updated with the final version. SOLD FOR $650 USD SHIPPED! $700 USD ---> $650 + Shipping (tracked and insured) PP gift or +4% No trade offers please. I have pics of the 2 flyers that come with this as well which I'll post later on.
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    Pipes's Candy Cave

    Here's a few pics just to kick things off. Eventually I'll get pics up of the cabs individually and explain my setup for each.
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    FS: The Punisher, Mushihimesama, Mars Matrix.....

    All prices in $USD - Shipping is NOT included Payment via PayPal gift or +4% (1) The Punisher - $350 (SOLD) Shell is in great condition and label is as nice as they come. Board has been phoenixed. (2) Mushihimesama (PCB only) - $500 (SOLD) (3) DoDonpachi Daioujou Tamashii PGM2...
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    Details here.
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    SOLD: RAZION MVS LE Shockbox + Gamecenter Kit

    SOLD It's all mint with blue plastic shell, shockbox, kit box and all artwork. They even threw in an extra cart label for some reason. It has been updated to v1.1 I wouldn't mind trading this for Batsugun or Donpachi/DoDonpachi. Obviously I may need to sweeten the deal a bit on my end...
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    WTB : PB3 + Adapter **FOUND**

    FOUND! Looking for a Pandora's Box 3 and JNX Adapter.
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    I mentioned doing this in one of the NG: DEV threads a while back but never got around to it. I think it's long overdue. So, same rules as the the SOTM threads we have going on in the arcade forum. · Default settings - 1 Credit · Name - Score - Stage - Platform (Neo/DC) in that...
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    (SOLD) NOS Naomi GD-Rom Cases

    SOLD Bought these from Giz10p in the UK a while back thinking I would need them but it doesn't look like I will. These are mint, never used and each one comes with the foam piece. $10 USD each + shipping I'd prefer to sell them all in one shot though. Take all 8 for $70 USD + shipping...