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  1. wingzrow

    NGPC Memories of Pure Variant?

    Found this online. Is this a Variant or just some kind of decal someone put on the handheld? I've never seen this variant before.
  2. wingzrow

    Is there a NEO GEO Pocket Production Number List?

    Something crossed my mind recently when looking at the spines of one my neo geo pocket games. Last Blade is NEOP-0095, so do all NGPC titles have a production code like that? Do we have a full list in the same way NEO-GEO games do?
  3. wingzrow

    WTB: Recap my PVM-20M2MDU (Chicago)

    Been in storage from a year or 2 now & I'd like to get it back up & running(it got darker to the point where it became unusable). If anyone in the chicagoland area would be willing to do a recap for me, please let me know. I can provide the caps, I just don't have the know how or the space to do...
  4. wingzrow

    Toys R Us to close all 800 of its U.S. stores Toy store chain Toys R Us is planning to sell or close all 800 of its U.S. stores, affecting as many as 33,000 jobs as the company winds down its operations after six decades, according to a source familiar with the matter. The news comes six months after the retailer...
  5. wingzrow

    House Intel Republicans vote NO collusion between Trump & Russia

    "House Intelligence Committee Republicans announced Monday that they found “no evidence of collusion,” between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin in the panel’s ‘Russia probe.’ EW: Republican-led House Intelligence Committee says it found "no evidence of collusion" between Russia, Trump...
  6. wingzrow

    Wanted: Sega Genesis recap needed (& an overclock switch if possible)

    A good friend of mine just fished his SEGA Genesis "HD Graphics" model 1 out of storage. Would anyone be willing to recap the thing? If so,how much? I'm also looking to have it overclocked with a halt & clock speed switch if possible. edit: I'm located on the north side of chicago if anyone...
  7. wingzrow

    Strange Ninja Combat Cart Wired to an AES

    Can someone explain to me what I'm looking at here?
  8. wingzrow

    What Does a Game store need to Succeed In The Modern Day?

    Besides a time machine. I might be able to rent out a small store in a decent neighborhood for somewhere around $2000 a month & figured I would ask. :oh_no: Has anyone here tried? What was your experience like?
  9. wingzrow

    Neo Geo Pocket RGB Board So how many of these exist? I had no idea this was even a thing, but it makes sense that a board like this would have been developed for review purposes. Hopefully turfmasta can elaborate on this a little bit. Would be great if we could...
  10. wingzrow

    Prototype Samurai Shodown 6 board on eBay? Does this look legit?. No idea if it's real or a big deal, but I felt like someone would be interested here. Feel free to delete this if I'm being an idiot.
  11. wingzrow Shut Down for Good?

    Is anyone else not able to access the site? Google searching their twitter leads to these messages.
  12. wingzrow

    Removing Cigarette Smoke Smell from Games?

    The last of my Neo Geo carts came in from China & they smell like the tailpipe of a tractor truck. Any way to remove the smell of cigarettes from these things? washing them down doesn't seem to do anything. I guess they did a ton of chain smoking in Chinese arcades:smirk:
  13. wingzrow

    An AES Prototpe cart Just Hit eBay So...anyone want to pony up $3000 for an unknown AES proto?
  14. wingzrow

    MVS - Metal Slug - Repair Job?

    Took a chance on an eBay lot & my Metal Slug & Metal Slug 2 carts seem to be boots. Label for MS1 seems to have been replaced, but the serial was scratched out so I thought it was real at first. Board one contains only mask roms. Board two has 2 windowed EEP-ROMs on it. Neither board looks to...
  15. wingzrow

    Cleaning MVS Cart Contacts Properly?

    I'm up to 10 or so MVS cartridges now, & a number of them came really cheap from Mexico "sold as is". One came in today & the contacts are absolutely wrecked with grime. What's the best way for me to clean all my carts one by one? I use to use Weiman's glass cooktop cleaner & an anti static...
  16. wingzrow

    Strange Version of King of Fighters 2003

    Can someone explain what this is to me? Is it a prototype board or something? I've never seen a Neo Geo board this big before.
  17. wingzrow

    Metal Slug 2nd Mission Prototype / Demo Cart on eBay? Is this something important we should look into, or is it likely a bootleg? If not, do these pocket color protos show up all the time?
  18. wingzrow

    AES: Pulstar - Too good to Be True? Was about to go to sleep & noticed an AES copy of Pulstar from France just Hit ebay. From what I can tell it looks just like the other one from Brazil that ended recently. Is it legit? The guy has 100% feedback, offers returns, & from what I can see, it...
  19. wingzrow

    Remapping Buttons on a Neo Geo CD Controller?

    If I buy a neo geo CD controller, am I stuck with the default button layout? I really love the thing, but if there's no way to remap the controls to make C shoot & A jump in Metal Slug, that's kind of a deal breaker for me. Is my best bet one of those NEO-GEO to PS1 adapters? I want to use...