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    MVSx table top mini cab

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    wtb: AES home carts system. let's see em

    Need complete working AES home system, with power supply and video output cables. Pretty simple criteria. Bios mode and neosavemasta preferred. Controllers not needed. Thank you gentlemen, esteemed colleagues :vik:
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    Mini cute repro cabs

    ssia :shredder:
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    Modern complete collections & the state of the community

    Who in our esteemed community still has their home carts collection :vik: let's say a friend is just now getting into the hobby and money is no object. Are quality mint condition carts with little to no sun fade still in existence? Is eBay anything other than a graveyard of shitty / inferior...
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    FS: FF2 MVS [SOLD]

    FF2 MVS [SOLD]
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    audio conversion

    looking at some dac's.. lavry and benchmark. pretty close in price point. lavry da-10 takes AES, spdif and optical inputs only, benchmark dac has a usb 1.0 port. both have headphone amps.. has anyone used either of these?
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    *SOLD* FS: MAS Stick *SOLD*

    *SOLD* MAS Stick $120 + shipping *SOLD*
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    FS: Egret II marquee plexi

    *SOLD* Egret 2 Marquee Plexi $65 + shipping *SOLD*
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    Origins of the Game Cartridge

    Interesting article about the invention of the game cartridge, Fairchild's Channel F console was the first.
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    happy berfday papi jandro

    it was march 4th
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    US MVS: Fatal Fury 2 w/ kit box $10

    US MVS shipping not included (usa) SOLD $10 Fatal Fury 2 w/ kit box ......[pic] SOLD SOLD $15 King of Fighters '94 ..........[pic] SOLD SOLD $10 Super Sidekicks 2 .............[pic] SOLD
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    Naomi w/ GDrom PSU DIMM I/O...

    shipping (from USA) not included Naomi 1 board, DIMM, GDrom, Capcom IO, PSU, Sports Jam disc w/ chip & cables sold together $290
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    FS: MVS us/jp

    shipping (from USA) not included super sidekicks 2 $20 kof 94 $15 kof 94 $15 jockey grandprix kit $45 fatal fury 2 (cart + box) $15 SOLD kof 96 (JP) $15 SOLD SOLD puzzle bobble (B00t) $9 SOLD SOLD fatal fury special $20 SOLD SOLD samurai shodown $9 SOLD SOLD real bout fatal fury 2 $25 SOLD...
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    SOLD OG Gameboy Blk backlit + LSDJ music tracker cart $75 SOLD

    shipping (from USA) not included SOLD Original Gameboy (Black) backlit screen w/ Konami carry case + LSDJ music cart - $75 SOLD
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    SOLD MV-1 unibios 3.0 SOLD

    shipping (from USA) not included SOLD MV-1 w/ unibios 3.0 $65 SOLD
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    UVC Ultracade converter *SOLD*

    shipping (from USA) not included SOLD UVC Ultracade converter $120 SOLD
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    Zelda II 3D (flash based) requires unity player controls are a bit awkward, mouse look is very sensitive
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    SOLD Vogatek MK V supergun SOLD

    shipping (from USA) not included SOLD Vogatek MK V supergun $55 SOLD
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    US X360: shooters, fighters, fps'

    US Xbox 360 games, shipping (from USA) not included Modern Warfare 3 $15 BlazBlue Calamity Trigger $8 Deathsmiles $10 Duke Nukem Forever $4 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare $8 ^remaining games lot $30 SOLD DoDonPachi Resurrection: Deluxe Ed. /w soundtrack $25 SOLD SOLD Samurai Shodown Sen...
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    FS: MVS (sold)

    US/JP MVS carts for sale, shipping from usa, prices do not include shipping carts sold: