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  1. SNKJorge

    Trying to Review Every Neo Geo Game on Youtube

    Pretty good work, love the content.
  2. SNKJorge

    Is Samurai Showdown II the best in the series?

    2 and 5 special for me. VI felt weird. I have a friend who plays III day and night.
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    Car Enthusiast Thread

    BMW alway, M. Porsche weekend car sometimes.
  4. SNKJorge

    The COVID-19 Thread and Hypothetical Boxing Predictions

    I only felt small pre cold symptoms during my second Moderna earlier this year. I’ll be taking the booster here soon as well.
  5. SNKJorge

    List of Rare Neo Geo hardware/Peripherals/game versions?

    How about a Dedicated Sam Sho II cab? I’ve been looking for one for a while now. Anyone have any info as to how many were made?
  6. SNKJorge

    Would you buy one of Stealthlurker's cabs for $2000-$4000 EACH???

    Wow. I believe we had a few transactions in the mid 2000’s. He bought some of my home carts. Anyway, anyone know where they have these for sale? (Site?, link?) I’m in LA, if some of these cabs are in ok shape I will pay top dollar for them.
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    I love you Rot
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    Firearm enthusiast thread

    FN Five Seven here in my office
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    Story? Registered 2019, yeah you don’t know who you’re talking to, n00b.
  11. SNKJorge

    Had a baby and want to sell my collection. Tips?

    Glad to see you teaching your youngsters the magic of the Neo NGT. Cheers!
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    I have two Breitling (Seawolf yellow & Bentley); one Ulise Nardin hammerhead old version, one Hublot big bang ceramic, and finally a Richard Mille 6302. About $70K all.
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    Car Enthusiast Thread

  14. SNKJorge

    Old Member's Check-In Thread.

    Making money being an adult I guess. You?
  15. SNKJorge

    Old Member's Check-In Thread.

    Of course buddy. You?
  16. SNKJorge

    Car Enthusiast Thread

    Everyone has a perception that Porsche is “better” but in reality their two doors are second to none, however SUV’s BMW is far superior. Macan GTS previous and newer generations are great cars but BMW’s technology, handling, literally everything is superior. Especially the real M, no...
  17. SNKJorge

    Car Enthusiast Thread

    X5M is far superior than all the Porsche SUV’s including the Turbo.
  18. SNKJorge

    Car Enthusiast Thread

    I see that. Lots of cleaning to do just don’t have the time anymore though but I do lurk a little every now and then.
  19. SNKJorge Official WTF NEO Auction Thread

    Good old kennyboy still selling “put together” kits for the real price of a full original matching serial kit. :tickled:
  20. SNKJorge

    Car Enthusiast Thread

    X5M everyday driver Porsche 911 Targa weekend Wife = Porsche Macan GTS