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  1. theMot

    Anyone still drive stick?

    Everything up until my latest ute (pickup truck to you murcans) was a manual but now I drive an auto and I can’t see myself going back to a stick unless I ever buy some high end sports car. I tried the manual version of my truck and it was pretty awful to be honest. Auto boxes have come a long...
  2. theMot

    Can’t remember this members handle but he was on here - Julius Viloria

    Saw this on the retro jipang Facebook page. This guy used to buy heaps of stuff and post about it on here but I can’t remember his name? RIP
  3. theMot


    Anyone buying at the moment? I’ve been watching it the past few years with interest. Decided to start ploughing some funds into it now that it is gaining solid institutional support. I couldn’t resist all those spam emails any longer lol.
  4. theMot

    What vinyl records have you picked up recently?

    I’m a mad Dylan fan. Been trying to collect the mobile fidelity series before they are no longer available, already getting hard to find some of them. These records sound fantastic!
  5. theMot

    iircade kickstarter

    Anyone see this? Lets hang shit on it and see how negative we can be!
  6. theMot

    Nintendo customer service training video 1991

    Nintendo cares...
  7. theMot

    Kim Jong Un

    This cunt dead, or wut?
  8. theMot

    Fishing, what’s the appeal?

    Never been into it. Have gone a couple of times when I was younger but seems like a boring endeavour as an adult. When we go away to somewhere by the sea I’ll get back and without fail someone will ask “did you catch anything?” There is a breed of people that just assumes everyone autopilots to...
  9. theMot

    Leave your closing thoughts for the decade here

    We're almost in the 2020's. Looking back at the last decade. - Smart phones everywhere - Cosmetic surgery for the masses - Everything all of the time - hard to switch off from the 24 hour news cycle - Death of manufacturing in the western world, nearly everything now imported. - Trump -...
  10. theMot

    RIP Jason Brookes

    Jason put a lot of work into Future publishing magazines like Super Play and Edge back in the day. I always enjoyed his contributions, had no idea he was ill. Only 52...gone too soon. :(
  11. theMot

    Are we making too big a deal of mental health issues?

    Seems like a hot topic these days. Every time someone gets caught out, fucks up, can't be bothered - they play the mental health card. Most work places here now have a mental health recognition day where people are supposed to hold hands and pretend it's ok for grown men to cry for 8 hours...
  12. theMot

    Anyone into basketball cards?

    Been a bit over the whole vidya game / arcade hobby for while. Not sure why but decided to go have a look at the basketball card scene for the first time in 25 years. What the hell is going on there? Boxes of 8 cards selling for $1000 bucks and being lucky to get $100 worth of cards! Shithouse...
  13. theMot

    Super Metroid is the best game on the SNES

    Even back in the day it was always up there but playing it again now on the Snes mini alongside the other great games like Super Mario World, Mario kart, Lttp, ff6 etc I think it holds up better 20-25 years later. Discuss, faggots.
  14. theMot

    Hbd TopTierArcade

    Please upload a sex video of you and Mary to celebrate.
  15. theMot

    WTB Aero City control panel surround

    Original sticker, not repro. ta
  16. theMot

    AES games for sale

    Metal Slug 1 - sold Metal Slug 2 - sold Mark of the Wolves - sold Shipping at cost. No time wasters please.
  17. theMot

    DO YOU WANNA BLUE! (Do you want to fight?)

    I have ignored your president until now, seems like a rum chap but entertaining if nothing else. Now he is refusing to take our refugees and hanging up on our silvertail prime minister. How dare you! The deal is good bitch! take our illegal refugees or we will send you 1000x Paul Hogans...
  18. theMot

    The dude from Robocop is dead He dead.
  19. theMot

    Retropie (TEH ROMZZZZ)

    Anyone have one of these setups? I picked one up off Ebay (Pie 3) with a couple of 8bitdo Snes controllers. Nice little thing. Good to have a one stop shop with everything pre polygon on it. Only bummer so far is there is a bit of lag. I can notice it especially on SMB (Mario, not suck my...
  20. theMot


    Fuck that description right in the ass. Has anyone ever bought something listed as "untested" that actually worked? Just seems like something dodgy cunts say who know their board is fried but they are trying to get a few bucks more from someone hoping it is good.