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  1. fenikso

    Nintendo Direct: Super Mario 35th Anniversary Edition

    The Game&Watch and SMB 35 online multiplayer look really cool.
  2. fenikso

    Turbo CD problems

    I got a broken Turbo CD with dock, case etc., about fifteenish years ago and I'm just now trying to repair the unit. Last night I replaced the center gear that wouldn't turn, it literally crumbled as I tried to get the split washer off. Unfortunately that was only part of the problem. The disc...
  3. fenikso

    Fuck cancer

    No, really, it can go fuck itself. Lost my nephew to leukemia yesterday morning. It's been a tough 24 hours. I will say he went incredibly peacefully. He was 13 years old. Huge shoutout to the Make-a-Wish foundation for getting him a viewing of the new Sonic movie just before he died, and the...
  4. fenikso

    New TurboGrafx-16/PCE Mini Announced Konami getting on that mini console gravy train. Not many games announced yet, but It's nice that they are going to have a 5-player adapter coming out. (Sold separately, of course.:rolleyes: )
  5. fenikso

    Important news

    The OUYA store is still open... until the end of next month. You guys better get on those OUYA purchases while you still can. :KEKEKE: PS - no fuckin clue what Razer is...
  6. fenikso

    RIP Bruno Ganz

    Bruno Ganz, dead from cancer at 77 Those Hitler memes were some of the funniest things I ever saw on the internet.
  7. fenikso

    Weekly Gaming Round Up ~2/10

    PS4 Dragon Quest Builders PCE Volfied - This game feels harder than Qix Neo for the PS... or maybe I'm just not as good as I used to be. SFII' Picked up an Atari 2600 portable made by Atgames and their Genesis console, too. Haven't spent much time on the Genny, but the portable 2600 has been...
  8. fenikso

    Weekly Gaming Round Up ~2/3

    PCE Winning Shot - Not too bad for an 8-bit golf game. It's strange, even to me, that I hate all sports games... except for golf, which I have no interest in playing irl, watching on TV, etc. Street Fighter II' Champion Edition - I love how good this port is. It shouldn't be this good...
  9. fenikso

    What's on your SD card - PCE SSDS3 Edition

    Going for a full set? If not, what games make the cut? What have you been been itching to play that's new to you? Old favorites? Looking for recommendations? Discuss*: Trying to keep my initial list small. I have a tendancy to not spend too much time on any one game when presented with a...
  10. fenikso

    Tarantino and JJ Abrams to make R-Rated Star Trek film

    Link I'm excited about this. Never was a huge fan of the new Star Trek movies. Felt like it strayed too much from the old stuff for me to get too comfortable with them. If it's going to be... different... I'd like it to be very different, and I can't think of a more different take on Star Trek...
  11. fenikso

    Roger Ailes dead at 77

    I'm not one to speak ill of the dead, but I have to admit I wont miss the guy.
  12. fenikso

    John Hurt 1940-2017

    Obit from The Guardian. Just snagged a box set of I, Claudius this week off of Amazon. Gonna start watching it Sunday. He was always one of my favorite actors. RIP
  13. fenikso

    Gaming Round Up W/E 8/13

    SMS Columns Thunder Blade Ghost House Genesis Bernstain Bears Camping Adventure Mortal Kombat II Super Street Fighter II Ghouls 'n Ghosts Mega Bomberman Sega CD Magical Fantasy Adventure Popful Mail Double Switch Final Fight 32X Virtua Fighter Mortal Kombat II Saturn Street Fighter The...
  14. fenikso

    Humble Neo Geo Encore Bundle

    A repeat of the Neo Geo Humble Bundle, from a few months ago, will be up for three days, incase anybody missed it the first time around. link
  15. fenikso

    Master System questions

    I bought an 'as is' SMS console off of ebay for cheap and it came without any hook ups. I recently bought a replacement PSU for Genesis model 1, and want to know if I can use it. All the Google results say yes, but this cheap knock off PSU is 8.5 volts not 9 and I just wanted to make sure that...
  16. fenikso

    Gaming Round Up W/E 8/8

    MVS Metal Slug X Magical Drop 2 Matrimelee World Heroes 2 Jet CPS2 Super Street Fighter 2 Vampire Savior DC Pen Pen TriIcelon Capcom vs. SNK Power Stone 2
  17. fenikso

    Gaming Round Up ~5/3/14

    PS Castlevania SotN - Started listening to a SotN station on Pandora at work and was forced to play this again. Legend of Mana - Such a great game. Easily one of the best on the system, and my favorite Mana game.
  18. fenikso

    Gaming Round Up ~8/10

    PS3 Wizorb - Not a great game, but still fun and relaxing to play. THe old school pixel art is its major selling point to me. Pacman CEDX - Decided to give this a whirl after not having played for a year. I'm horribly out of practice and all of my scores now suck compared to the rest of the...
  19. fenikso

    A question about Capcom PSP games

    Does anyone know what the complete lineup of Capcom PSP spines looks like? I have a few, and they look like they should make a complete picture, but I don't know how many of them that there are. Here's what I have so far (arranged by the numbers on the spine, not necessarily how they are...
  20. fenikso

    Gaming Round Up ~7/27

    3DS VC Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening Paper Mario Sticker Star Wii VC Super Mario Bros. 3 PC Shadowrun Returns