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  1. Karou

    Jeff Grosso died

    Only 51 .. Love letters showed up in my YouTube recommendations like 2 months ago and of course they are worth watching to old 'ex' skaters.:crying:
  2. Karou

    You Bastards!

    Sure country music isn't "cool" But Kenny Rogers was.
  3. Karou

    bloodborne lower loran abhorrent beast

    so yeah I only beat the ailing one because of help from the npc summon and the easier arena.. I am using my free psplus right now.. help me? so I don't have to get good? hate this guy even when he was on the windmill he was terrible.
  4. Karou

    ps now on ps4:lost planet

    whats up with this?? I have downloaded doa5 and xtreme3 but I don't think they said anything about this? so uhh yeah I had a demo for lost planet What a decade ago, and what with the winter:scratch: thought I'd check for it even though it was on 360 lo and behold its there! but says I...
  5. Karou

    Closed entirely?

    So he (Trumpster) Apparently wants to shut down the borders entirely now?Or was the article just exageration?
  6. Karou

    hate me wii U

    so yeah I have those ex"roommate" user account stuck on my wiiu because I don't know their password blues:oh_no: I guess I need to email nintendo. sorry for another crappy thread everyone :very_ang:sorry I even tried to put it where it could go:very_ang:
  7. Karou

    onionnes for mercedes?

    so Im playing odin sphere and want to farm gold. I know the nether world was good for gwen... maybe I should just go there instead of making a stupid thread. too bad. feel free to make off topic comments here:scratch:
  8. Karou

    XBOX360 madcatz steering wheel and pedals

    so I bought this thing on ebay new for 200$ if theres any interest I can make pics am hoping for 170 or so could include forza 2 or 4 maybe both? I only used it a couple times and the bottom of the base can't be too hurt from the nails that keep it from sliding on carpet that I could leave in...
  9. Karou


    so my great night I was promised includes her showing up at the gas station buying smokes with my money for the guy she fucked while I was getting her some. the fact she would benefit from it is whats stopping me. sorry for the attention whore thread feel free to move to war room.
  10. Karou

    samurai 64 hyper figures

    70$ shipped lower 48 nako haoh hanz all moc boxes in at least ok shape probably pretty good really just a little dog ear here and there... shipping will probably cost me 15$+
  11. Karou

    how do Ido ssvs good?

    so I have this game and I'd like to be good at it and know stuff not just throw some heads from underground once in awhile. Is there a way to play versus and select a new guy after winning? the wife gets pod..I have a cmvs(mvs cart obviously,now) with unibios 2.3. how do I really win the...
  12. Karou

    wtb breakers revnge

    35$ shipped need original boards doesn't even need any label
  13. Karou


    If i'm right 6'' mutball and coldcokcombos are 2$ all this munth!
  14. Karou

    expensive ssvsmvs1361

    only 1361$
  15. Karou

    powered or non subwoofer

    I have an Alpine cda-105 deck in my car and its got rca outputs one the back 'for' subwoofer... how do I know what they output?(i don't even know what that means)... so if someone smart about electronics and speakers and stuff could help me? I need more BASS:blow_top: nevermind? i have managed...
  16. Karou

    whats for dinner?

    so this old guy at work likes to tell people what he ate the night before... so I thought I'd start a thread! tonight! Salisbury Steaks like tv dinner kind but just a pile of them some box of whatever cheese potato discs and some stove top:buttrock:
  17. Karou

    wtb: metal slug

    for 40$ or less shipped
  18. Karou

    Oled Vita, DsS, gamecube 1000yeardoor.lots

    145$=oled vita with a case,grip, dragons crown(complete) and hots shots golf also two memory cards, a 4 &a 16GB. Charging cable is seperated a little right there. 110 offer less$= dsixl+dsilite Systems. games as seen(pic should update soon)-legend of kage 2&new super mario bros cart only are in...
  19. Karou

    sold MVS metal slugS 108$ dragonball vita!!!!

    if you click you can see it all.. apparently these pics should be resized? oh so srry! photobucket wouldn't do it and I already stuck em in there. lower 48 or pay more than these shipped prices. at least the pics are starting to behave?