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  1. Pretty Amy

    Free Halo Infinite campaign codes

    I have an extra code or 2 for Halo Infinite campaign. You don't need a code for multiplayer since it's already free-to-play. Codes are for Xbox / MS Store and NOT Steam. Campaign is also on Game Pass in case you already have that. PM me. First come, first served. I'll post when the codes are...
  2. Pretty Amy

    CPS2 kick harness extension cable?

    Is that a thing that anyone sells? I can't find any listings. Alternatively, how hard would it be to make one? If anyone has any resources to point me toward, I'm willing to give it a try. I'm trying to move things around in the game room and it would simplify things if I could extend the kick...
  3. Pretty Amy

    WTB: Carrier Air Wing

    Got UN Squadron earlier in the year, and now I'm ready to get the sequel. Need the A board included. Region doesn't matter. EDIT: Got Shadow Dancer from aclbandit for $250 shipped. Board was in great shape. Thanks!
  4. Pretty Amy

    Sony PVM 14L5 turns off after a few seconds

    TV turned off while playing Sega CD and now it will only turn on for a few seconds with this lovely column of light. I realize this is a long shot, but figured I'd ask if anyone has any easy and safe things I could try on my own. Things I've tried so far to no positive effect: 1. Different...
  5. Pretty Amy

    GQ-4x4: Can't read CPS2 EPROMs

    Total EPROM noob here. I want to phoenix my CPS2 games. I'm already talking to razoola, but I need to be able to read the existing roms to verify them before I can purchase the phoenix roms. I'm using a GQ-4x4 and a ADP-054 adapter that I bought new off of Amazon. I can't tell if something is...
  6. Pretty Amy

    GONE: Gears of War 3 + Judgement codes

    Free Xbox 360 codes. Both games are backwards compatible on Xbox One so you could play them there too. First person to claim a code in the thread gets it (and you can totally claim both of them, I don't care). Gears of War 3 - GONE Gears of War: Judgement - GONE EDIT: Both codes went to...
  7. Pretty Amy

    New DSi and DSi XLs

    Randomly available from Nintendo: DSi - $60 DSi XL - $75 Price is the same regardless of whether extra software is included or not. GameStop supposedly has some new DSi in stock as well for only...
  8. Pretty Amy

    PC Engine Duo-R CD woes

    I purchased a region and RGB modded PC Engine Duo-R from doujindance back in September (eBay link). In my initial testing everything seemed to work. A few weeks later, I brought the system to a friends house and had some issues with CD games. Here's what we observed: * Rondo of Blood -...