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  1. oldschool

    Happy Birthday GutsDozer!

    To a Mega Man, and our savior of the 2019 Secret Santa... Have a great day (and also Merry Christmas)!
  2. oldschool

    As I Lay Dying Frontman Caught in Murder For Hire...

    First Lamb of God and now As I Lay Dying, it seems the Metal vocalists are really having a tough time keeping their shit straight. LINK The first thing I thought was you would pay ONLY $1000 have someone killed? I thought his band had made it years back. :oh_no:
  3. oldschool

    WTB: N64 Games

    I'm looking to buy the following games. Cart only is fine, but please no damaged or missing labels, or extreme damage to the cart shell! BOLD = Higher Want - A Bug's Life - Banjo-Kazooie - Castlevania - Conker's Bad Fur Day - Doom 64 - Duke Nukem: Zero Hour - Earthworm Jim 3D - Fighting Force...
  4. oldschool

    Recommended DS Titles?

    I'm a slave to Professor Layton, but other than those titles, I have nothing to play. Now that I can get these complete for next to nothing, where do I start? Halp! :help:
  5. oldschool

    oldschool's collection

    Please do not feed the monkeys. They steal 50 Yen coins. PS - Thread under minor construction. PPS - No sales but I welcome questions or comments. MVS Carts: KoF '94 (kit), Street Hoop (kit), Garou, Metal Slug 1/2/X/3/4, Neo Turf Masters, Puzzle Bobble, Street Hoop. Have MVS 1/4 slot...
  6. oldschool

    WTB: MVS Carts (08/06/12)

    Looking to source out (buy) a 4-slot board in fully working order and decent cosmetic shape as well. (FOUND) I'm looking to buy the following MVS titles: - Double Dragon - Garou: Mark of the Wolves (FOUND) - KoF (anything but '94) - Metal Slug 5 - Shock Troopers / 2nd Squad - Strikers 1945...
  7. oldschool

    WTB: Cheaper AES Carts (Any Region)

    Looking to buy some inexpensive AES carts you may have that are sitting on the shelf, unplayed. ;) I only have Fire Suplex at the moment, so you can imagine how limited my selection is. :annoyed: Looking to pay via PayPal Gift or I have Famicom/Super Famicom/misc. stuff for possible trade. PS...
  8. oldschool

    WTB: Consolized MVS / MVS-to-AES Converter!

    Saw the fantastic Omega CMVS but at the moment, it's out of my budget and I'll have to throw together some savings for it in the future. In the meantime, I'm looking for other possibilities of another CMVS or MVS converter if anyone is looking to unload what they have. I'd like to buy but I...
  9. oldschool

    Wanted: Famicom Games!

    Came upon an awesome complete AV Famicom so now I need more games for it. Already got Super Mario 3 and Seikima-II but would like to get my hands on whatever may be available. It's preferred to do at least a few at a time to save on shipping. I can do Money Order or EMT for those located in...
  10. oldschool

    WTB: Microkorg Synth...

    Looking for a cosmetically sound Microkorg Synth with all accessories (box optional), and wondering since there are so many keys fans on the board maybe one of you might have one you're looking to unload. Thanks
  11. oldschool

    MP3 Player Recommendation(s)?

    Looking for decent advice on picking up a new(er) MP3 player... My laptop sucks, so my only real worthwhile option is something that won't need software to run, and something that won't require an update. I used an old Samsung USB type MP3 player before, and it opened as a folder where you...
  12. oldschool

    I Am All Day And Night - The Music of Frank Zappa

    I came across this program the other night when the 1st part (of 3) was aired on my local radio station. I'm not really familiar with his music, other than hearing random samples from friends and through compilations, but hearing this documentary made me think what the hell have I been missing...
  13. oldschool

    WTB: Casio DG-10/DG-20 Digital/Synth Guitar...

    I don't even know how the hell I ran into this one online, but I'm looking to buy one of these bad boys, but in my area (Canada) they aren't very plentiful nor easy to track down. I've tried Craigslist, and have found some hits in the San Francisco / Bay Area, and Michigan as well, but they...
  14. oldschool

    Son of Rambow

    I did a search for this movie and didn't see any results off hand... Has anyone seen this movie or wants to see it? I went to check it out with a friend at the local indie theatre, and it was a great movie. I remember the ads were played during the opening to Rambo IV in the theaters here.
  15. oldschool


    Not to get too "relationship" themed in this thread, but would anyone here care to chime in on the idea of open relationships or similar ideas of living? Better yet maybe some literature that would help me learn more about these topics? Not sure if this is really the best place to look but...
  16. oldschool

    Best Selling Album of All Time?

    I was having an argument tonight about this music fact. I'd like to say that it was the Eagles Greatest Hits (heard about it on the 20/20 interview awhile back), but my friend told me it's actually Michael Jackson's Thriller. The source he showed me was Wikipedia with an article updated in...
  17. oldschool

    New Year's Resolution: Theft

    I must say it sucks to hear about the property that some of you get stolen/vandalized... I was with a friend going to see a movie tonight when someone pryed their way into her car and nabbed the Garmin GPS system. I guess it's the only time she's left it in the car (the glovebox to be exact)...
  18. oldschool

    Worthy purchases in Canada?

    I'm looking to pick up an HD DVD player within the coming months for my father since his DVD player is about to bite the dust and he'd like to upgrade. Surely there must be some good deals North of the border, or is it cheaper to buy something online and have it shipped? Also, is HD DVD the...
  19. oldschool

    Firefox Bookmarks?

    I used to have a bunch of sites bookmarked on Firefox, but when I checked the other night, everything was gone. Why would they just delete themselves like that, and is there any chance to get them back? :(
  20. oldschool

    Super Mario World: Arranged Soundtrack

    The search is down! If this has been posted before, forgive me? :crying: Well anyways here is something that I thought a lot of you (Loopz?)would enjoy! From my understanding, a one-man project that's job was to meticulously arrange a ton of tracks (if not all) from one of the best games ever...