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  1. jetblue

    Happy Birthday Tron!

    best possibly gift for you would be this Happy Birthday Man!
  2. jetblue

    Happy Birthday Marktheshark!

    Happy birthday buddy
  3. jetblue

    Happy Birthday Tron

    Happy Birthday Program! may you find much tranya to drink this day .
  4. jetblue

    Happy Birthday Mark!

    happy birthday Marktheshark :multi_co:
  5. jetblue

    Happy Birthday Tron!

    :multi_co: have a great birthday today tron :multi_co: .
  6. jetblue

    Happy Birthday... jetblue...greedostick & Beelzebub

    thanks guys,im partyin like its 1999
  7. jetblue

    Happy Birthday Marktheshark

    Happy birthday Mark! may the celebration be weeklong!
  8. jetblue

    Happy Birthday Tron!

    May you feast well this day. Happy Birthday bud .
  9. jetblue

    Happy Birthday Marktheshark!

    happy birthday and have fun today mark ! :cake: .
  10. jetblue

    Happy Birthday ChuChu Flamingo, Tron and Loopz

    happy birthday tron,loopz,chu! round of soda pops are on me :multi_co:
  11. jetblue

    I met UIengineer today and I didn't get stabbed

    its inevitable i meet uie,perhaps at the video game summit but the day will come. also i wanted to try my new sig.
  12. jetblue

    The 80's Music Video Appreciation Thread

    jeeze its been this long since anyone posted shit? Boytronic - You
  13. jetblue


    Happy birthday program :multi_co::multi_co::multi_co:
  14. jetblue

    WTB: Virtual boy repair

    i will pm shortly
  15. jetblue

    FS: Console Rarities / US Turbo Duo Bonk, Cotton, Godzilla / Animal Crossing 3DS

    what is that black on the super air zonk disc disc? a shadow or a stain?
  16. jetblue

    Pc-Engine bootlegs and Tobias Fudoh Reich, thoughts?

    il buy it. il buy anything that comes with a free dildo
  17. jetblue

    Good God...this weather is really taking its toll on everyone...

    i see the hooded figure of death in the third picture
  18. jetblue

    Happy Birthday MARKTHESHARK

    Happy birthday mark! :multi_co::multi_co::multi_co:
  19. jetblue

    Happy Birthday Loopz and Tron

    happy birthday tron and loopz!
  20. jetblue

    Main page hacked.

    i even forgot there was a main site