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  1. kernow

    I demand a new custom title

    Nothing dumb please Many thanks
  2. kernow

    JP ss2 insert

    Anyone got one? Mines pretty ropey. Cheers!
  3. kernow

    Home system power connector jack

    Anyone know what the model for the part is? I have a system with a really loose connector and need to replace it. Cheers (AES 3-5)
  4. kernow

    UK: homecarts

    Looking for cheaper ones like ffs, aof1, 95 etc to fill in some gaps. Let me know what you have! Cheers
  5. kernow

    HBD SouthtownKid

    Happy Birthday! I would post a picture of Roger Moore but these University computers don't support IMG tags for some reason. :scratch: Have a good (old) one. :cool:
  6. kernow

    The people who won't let go

    Now, the neo has a library where I'd say 33% of the games at most are worth respecting it for, the earlier slugs, the last blades, kofs, samshos, you know all that stuff. It has a certain mystique to it what with all the big carts and insane prices and all that jazz, but what I'm wondering is...
  7. kernow

    Any c# programmers about who have used deviceIoControl before?

    If there is, I have a boggle I'd like to ask you about, regarding using deviceIoControl to return driveGeometry struct. Cheers.
  8. kernow

    kerns collection

    Hope you enjoyed it, thanks for looking.
  9. kernow

    20th birthday combos I'm on a useless iPad so had to link it from
  10. kernow

    Is that chat room for real? seriously?

    Holy fuck :lolz: That is embarassing, what are you doing? Couldn't you even give it some default colours to begin with? Unbelievable.
  11. kernow

    4P Kizuna splitter

    Does anyone think it was kind of stupid or a waste of time to develop this splitter board if it only supports the one game? Surely it must work with others - has anyone tried using it with say ... bomberman? I can't think of any other examples it'd work with right now.
  12. kernow

    Final Fight minor sprite/object issue I got this recently for free, when I plugged it in first it was completely dead. I took a closer look and noticed two of the ROM's had a leg poking outside of the socket, I pulled them, straightened the legs and re-inserted and woo! I have...
  13. kernow

    Found: Ibara bare PCB

    Hello I am looking for a bare Ibara PCB in good condition, fully working, so if you are thinking of getting rid, let me know. Money waiting, thanks :)
  14. kernow

    Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha JP

    As usual, payment via paypal gift please. Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha CPS2 B Board, battery changed about 3 months ago, in great condition and works fine. Note this is not plain old Zero 2 but Zero 2 Alpha which is the rarer, better version with a load more stuff in including Evil Ryu and new...
  15. kernow

    KOF2000 Bare US MVS cart

    As usual, payment via paypal gift please. US KOF2000 MVS cart, lovely condition with english hologram label £30 posted Offers considered on multiple items. Thanks for looking Sold: Artbooks
  16. kernow

    This is nice Nice, if I still had a homecart system and the actual need to move it, this would have been great. Not seen another like it either, but £250 lol.
  17. kernow

    FS: Kizuna Encounter US MVS cart, KOF94 JP MVS cart

    Both sold
  18. kernow

    FS (uk): CPS2 SF Zero 2 Alpha PCB

    As usual, payment via paypal gift please Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha - Green JP board, battery replaced by myself 1 month ago, works perfectly - £70 posted via special delivery Offers considered on multiple purchases. :) Thanks for looking Obviously these are UK shipped prices.. Sold...
  19. kernow

    Whats the last three things you've bought on ebay?

    Shamelessly stolen from another forum but eh: 100 white cable ties for 99p 2 x SATA cables Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms Remastered CD exciting stuf I know.
  20. kernow

    Noob hyper question

    How to determine and what are the differences between the two revisions? I know one has a volume dial, and one has jamma/mvs and stereo/mono switches which version is this? (rev2?) cheers Also, regarding stereo, I have a custom harness which adapts the headphone output on my 4 slot to the...