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  1. Tacitus

    Bill Burger AGAIN -- gameboardsoc1234

    Well, it took a bunch of years.. I have defended him here many times because he is a good deal on boards when you get them working. He's not going to be friendly but you'll get a good deal. Well, he finally put one in me. Bill sent me a very expensive boardset wrapped in about 4 sheets of...
  2. Tacitus

    WTB: Red Storm Universal Parts

    Need: Control panel inserts (any config is fine at this point), New JAMMA harness, Screen bezel If you don't have one.. but know where I can order, that's also appreciated.
  3. Tacitus

    WTB: Jamma harness and CP for Red Storm / Black Storm cab

    Have a project I'm working on... but it came with a jacked up jamma harness and a bad CP. (Mame Hackery) I don't feel like resoldering / rewiring it and I'd like a clean cab. If you have the CP or a JAMMA harness, inbox me.
  4. Tacitus

    KoF Pachislo

    I picked up one of these (first machine) a few months ago and haven't played with it much. I've been hacking it up a bit and poking at it. Anyone else an owner?
  5. Tacitus

    Resin printing

    I’m thinking of making the leap into resin printing. Who else does it? Is it worth the time and effort?
  6. Tacitus

    SOLD - FS: NeoSD AES Flash Cart

    NeoSd AES flash cart You know what it is, I'm not going to belabor the point with a description. $385 shipped via Paypal.
  7. Tacitus

    Jamma PCB sale (including teh Pr0t0s)

    Mk2 w/ Working sound board - $275 Mortal Kombat PROTOTYPE w/ sound board -$350 Survival Arts - $70 Tekken 3 - $100 Tecmo Bowl PROTOTYPE (complete, working when stored. No way to test. Consider this when buying, hence the low price) - $250 You pay shipping and PayPal fees. Will update...
  8. Tacitus

    Cab giveaway

    I'm clearing out my storage locker. I have a bunch of cabs in various states. My time is worth more than salvaging/repairing them. Some are in good shape, some aren't. If you have a truck and are willing to lug them away, they're all yours for free. PM me for details. If you're a low-post...
  9. Tacitus

    Hardware Hacking Thread - "MOV IT XOR x90"

    Wocka wocka wocka.... Didn't see a thread for this and it's something I'm getting deep into. I ordered stuff from HackerBoxes recently. Nice kits, but the customer service was a little ridiculous. The enigma box looks pretty slick and I've been meaning to build one myself. I've spent the...
  10. Tacitus

    Wanted: Linux Capable PS3

    Need at least one, preferably several. PM me if you have one.
  11. Tacitus

    Broken Photobucket/User Titles

    I'm putting a band aid on it now and the update process for custom titles takes a few hours. You shouldn't see the crazy photobucket image, just a broken link. If you have the ability to mod your title, take out the reference to the old photobucket account. Yes, you've lost your custom title...
  12. Tacitus

    WTB: Linux Capable PS3

    If you have a PS3 on the correct firmware level and it is Linux capable, I'm interested. PM Me.
  13. Tacitus

    Anyone interested in a warehouse raid?

    I met up with an op today regarding a transaction. Short version: I got a junk 4 slot and we dropped the fucker. He's hooking me up with a new cab for free as I helped him fix a NAOMI issue he was having. He's a pretty decent dude and willing to deal. I walked the warehouse today and while...
  14. Tacitus

    Classic Cabs for Sale

    I'm selling a few other cabs. $100 DK Jr cocktail - needs new hinges on the top. Monitor good, game works, jap style controls $175 Pole Position 2 - Cab is in fair shape, having board issues. Sky is yellow and the controls are acting funny. Spontaneously happened. Probably an easy fix...
  15. Tacitus

    Free Cabs

    I'm giving away a few free cabs. Must pickup. I'm in the Philadelphia area. All of them are projects in some way. HOTD2 - Needs monitor and PCB, rest is solid. Trivia Whiz - Working, but it's old and it's a quiz game. Megatouch Jade - Needs new mobo, rest works. Easy fix. Message me if...
  16. Tacitus

    Proto Photos or "Why am I bothering to collect these?"

    Enjoy. Tecmo Bowl PCB proto (final) & Mortal Kombat Location Test proto - LA location test. I have a few more I'm going to upload of other games. ;)
  17. Tacitus

    Forums may be behaving oddly for a bit

    We're fixing some backend issues and thread viewing problems. You may see trouble loading or other odd stuff for a bit. Go play LOSJ. If you reply to this thread, it will break the forums.. so whatever you do, don't do it.
  18. Tacitus

    WTTF: Chihiro Mobo

    Need a working Chihiro... just the mobo. I'd like to trade for it or mix with cash/trade. PM me if you have one.
  19. Tacitus

    WTB: Modded 360

    If anyone has one for sale (prefer not banned and online playable, but honestly, anything will do) PM me. I can do PP or trade, let me know what you prefer.
  20. Tacitus


    If you have 2 passes, I'd sure as shit like to buy them. PM ME. Handjobs will be part of payment.