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  1. DevilRedeemed

    Top 5 horror films of the past 10 years.

    Let's do this
  2. DevilRedeemed

    Happy birthday Baseley09

    Not sure if he ever comes through here anymore but always thought he was a nice guy. Happy birthday
  3. DevilRedeemed

    Anyone have any cool antiques or works of art?

    I have a bunch of cool things, I'll post some images some time. It has been the way I made monies the last few years but I've grown attached to some things and don't carre too much about how much they are worth. But through the years I've come across really fascinating things, some...
  4. DevilRedeemed

    Happy Birthday STK

    Have a brilliant day, all the trimmings, all the bells and whistles. Lord knows you've earned it.
  5. DevilRedeemed

    Your favourite music collabs

    Not talking about the obvious and undoubtedly good Freddy Bowie thing. What stands out for you as something special. If you can share the song itself here even better. I'll give it a think myself too
  6. DevilRedeemed

    Ohms the new Deftones album

    They just put this out and I'm listening to it right now. I love it already. Feels streamlined and engaged. The last great album they put out before this in my mind was Diamond Eyes, with Gore being a misstep, hard to listen to for me. I would rate this higher than Diamond Eyes to be honest...
  7. DevilRedeemed

    Crazy Games and Warp

    Shinya Nishigaki and Kenji Eno... such amazing talents. I guess they stood out for me because what they released was mostly for Sega platforms. Blue Stinger and Illbleed where so broken and busted and yet I loved those games. Illbleed in particular is a weird spectacular mess. And the D, Enemy...
  8. DevilRedeemed

    What do you consider to be the most impressive looking-sounding-playing 32bit era game?

    Was watching Sega Lord X talk about Panzer Dragoon Zwei and it brought back memories. I'm hard pushed to recall a more impressive game in terms of the realization of the world the game is set in. It's not just a technical marvel, it's conceptually sophisticated to a degree that sets it apart...
  9. DevilRedeemed

    Happy birthday Karou you crazy bastid

    Have a good one.
  10. DevilRedeemed

    Any game have a special ending for 1cc' or fastest speed run?

    Since they are a thing amongst gamers these days, admittedly of older games, but I wonder if indie developpers have ever caught on to such an idea? The speed run thing would need online leader board access type thing. But well yeah was just wondering because yeah
  11. DevilRedeemed

    Game design superstars

    Was thinking about this the other day. The era of the game designer as some sort of celebrity seems to me to have passed. You still have Miyamoto touted as videogame pope, and assorted old school designers carrying their own weight, Kojima and the like. And then there's Hidetaka Miyazaki who is...
  12. DevilRedeemed

    Boris wins

    Was there any doubt this would happen? A strong win to boot. Corbyn was born to lose, as is Sanders. There's no place for these guys at the helm. Labour/Democrats will win when they find themselves another Blair/Clinton/Obama. Celebrity is everything.
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    Happy Birthday STK

    Have a great day.
  14. DevilRedeemed

    Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams

    Downloaded it from gamepass and from the get go enjoyed it a lot. Been a long time since I had fun playing a game. Such a nice mix of simple europlatform action with a brash look teetering on the edge of rusticity and saturated. Mindless oldstyle fun. Anything else of the sort out there?
  15. DevilRedeemed

    Interface the biggest hurdle for modern games?

    Was just watching something related to Last of Us 2 and I get the sense that these type of games are fundamentally immersive experiences where your success is or should be based on how well you tackle the terrain so to speak. There are games where the well regarded player is judged by their...
  16. DevilRedeemed

    Tupac or Nas?

  17. DevilRedeemed

    Shenmue 3 finally starting to look amazing

    To me at least. The look of it is organic and I for one love the styled faces. Something classic and authentically Japanese about them. It's looking like it will be a well justified third outing for the series. Good times ]
  18. DevilRedeemed

    Rumor: Snipes might star in R-rated Blade movie

    I have been rooting for Snipes for a long time, he just hasn't done anything of worth since Blade 2. Reprising the Blade role in a Deadpool type film makes a ton of sense. And I for one find Snipes infinetly more funny than that other guy. Here's hoping
  19. DevilRedeemed

    SSSSSOLD::FS/Rainbow Islands pcb great price/needs soldering

    Sold/dloS. Here's the deal. Original workingTaito pcb in great shape, the little board pictured on the right came off and I don't have the time to take it to be soldered back on. Price is 350 dollars shipped or best offer. From what I've seen it goes for around 500-650 dollars on eBay...