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  1. Lets Gekiga In

    You might already know this, Arcademan. But just in case...

    Cardcaptor Sakura is coming to Netflix on 1 June. :)
  2. Lets Gekiga In

    Found out I have a copy of Chaos Field

    No recollection as to when I bought it, but just wanted to know what others think about it.
  3. Lets Gekiga In

    Pokémon Go

    Who else plays? I need more friend codes.
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    Super Bowl Super Browns! Hell yeah!

    Y’all are screwed in AFC now. HERE WE GO BROWNIES HERE WE GO
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    I-70 Car Crash Pileup
  6. Lets Gekiga In

    AtGames Disappoints Again With The Bandai Namco Flashback Blast

    I know everybody is familiar with AtGames reputation at this point, but even something like this seems pretty low for them. Have they made it right with the Namco arcade collection, yet?
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    World's First Commercial Folding Smartphone

    Pretty cool to see this finally become a reality.
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    Anybody going to get FIFA 19?

    I’ll probably end up getting it on the Switch, but not sure how online gameplay would be. Seems like it should still be fun to get into.
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    Best Nu Metal Band

    Which is the best Nu Metal band?
  10. Lets Gekiga In

    PSG to pursue transfer for Cristiano Ronaldo

    If they accomplish this, would they be able to hang onto Neymar and Mbappe?
  11. Lets Gekiga In

    Yo LoneSage, you watch any Serpentza videos on YouTube?

    I always found his videos interesting, especially the one talking about the Subor Famicom clone.
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    Is Cave going to update its games to iOS11?

    ST If not, does anybody have other shmup suggestions for iOS? Grazie. Edit: Oh snap, didn’t realize R-Type and R-Type II are on iOS.
  13. Lets Gekiga In

    FATSTACKS, Owensboro is top 11 cities Millenials are moving to.
  14. Lets Gekiga In

    Columbus Crew owner Precourt threatens to relocate team to Austin

    I don’t mind if they do relocate in 2019, Crew don’t necessarily draw in the big crowds and Austin is the largest US city without a major professional sports franchise.
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    iOS/Android Game Suggestions?

    I have Espgaluda 2, Sonic CD, Final Fight for iOS. What games do any of y'all suggest?
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    John Terry to leave Chelsea after season
  17. Lets Gekiga In

    Binghamton Bronies?

    Can the newly named Binghamton Rumble Ponies also be called the Binghamton Bronies?
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    Is KOTOR good on iOS?

    Figured you guys would be best to ask for advice on this. 📱 Merci.
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    Anybody own an N-Gage? Seems like an easy to find portable gaming system with not so expensive games.
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    Sevilla vs Barcelona

    Is on right now.