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  1. ggallegos1

    SOLD: CIB NGPC with games $165 shipped

    Edit: SOLD Clearing out some clutter, i bought a lot of a system with games on Facebook just for a couple of the games, and now I'm selling the system to recoup some of the purchase. System works, and is complete as far as i can tell. It's a light blue one, not modded in any way. As far as i...
  2. ggallegos1

    Games Beaten in 2021

    I enjoy looking at the games i was able to beat for the first time over the course of the year. The PS4 was definitely the most played system, and almost all of those PS4 games were played with the wife either co-op or next to each other. Bravely Default 3DS Borderlands 3 PS4 Destiny PS4 Dead...
  3. ggallegos1

    FS/T: Complete Naomi Netboot Setup with screen

    I accumulated all the components to this a while back, but two moves, selling the supergun, and shrinking space makes this better suited somewhere else. Everything works last I used it a couple of years ago. You'll get the following -Naomi 1 Mobo with PSU and JVS to JAMMA adapter -Netdimm...
  4. ggallegos1

    Covid question for UK members

    I was planning on going to Scotland/London next week. I'm looking at the UK sites to verify covid restrictions for travel and am reading conflicting information. Both my fiance and I are vaccinated in the US, and are US citizens. My big question to UK members is, can I go to the UK from the US...
  5. ggallegos1

    WTB: Everdrive, maybe NeoSD AES

    Looking to downsize my collection and willing to go back into everdrives. Looking online, they have some new versions that are really expensive. I'm not too keen on the newest stuff, i just want to play the games. Looking for the following NES SD2SNES NeoSD Once I have these, I expect to...
  6. ggallegos1

    2 slot cabinet monitor makes a click when powered on, then it goes away

    So a wierd one here that I'm not able to really look up. Played around with the 2 slot cabinet, and when I turn on the cabinet everything works. However, there's a wierd clicking sound from the monitor that makes the picture jump every second or so. What's wierd is once the monitor has been...
  7. ggallegos1

    CPS2 Infinikey install help

    I'm at a tough spot here. I've been installing infinikeys in my CPS2 boards lately. All were successful except one won't take. It's a SSF2T Asian board. Worked fine on battery, but no matter what I do, the board won't take the key. I'm at a point where I'm willing to send the board and mobo...
  8. ggallegos1

    FS: JNX accessories, Supergun, raspberry pi

    Clearing some space out and consolidating items. Prices do not include shipping, pics inbound. If you have issues with the prices, shoot me an offer, we can work something out JNX Phase - v1.0. let's you play 6 button fighters on 4 button control panels. Has jumpers for MVS and Jamma output...
  9. ggallegos1

    Games Beaten in 2020

    We either had an insane amount of downtime or none at all this year, depending on family and circumstances. I had grad school, so I didn't get too much gaming in compared to last year, but I also dabbled in a lot of online games due to the pandemic. This year was full of revisiting older games...
  10. ggallegos1

    Mega Everdrive Pro, 3DS system, games

    Selling random games and stuff, all are complete and in gamer condition unless specified. Prices are shipped. I'll post pics tomorrow afternoon. SOLD Mega Everdrive Pro - bought off of pixel junkie and realized I was happy with my old Genesis everdrive. Bought for $195 shipped, selling for...
  11. ggallegos1

    Playstation 2: 20 Years Later

    As the PS5 is about to drop, let's remember that the PS2 was released 20 years ago today in North America. It was the first system I bought with my money, along with Crazy Taxi and Final Fantasy X. I can't imagine how many hours I put into the system through JRPGs, the EA Sports Big line, and...
  12. ggallegos1

    WTB: Common MVS games

    Looking for some commons for the cabinet. Prefer to not pay ebay prices, closer to Mike's prices on his thread. Cyber-Lip (found) Fatal Fury Special KOF96 Real Bout (found) Real Bout 2 (found) Breakers (found) Might add more as time goes on. Also alibaba is being dumb, it won't accept any...
  13. ggallegos1

    Anything good in Norfolk VA?

    Going there for a month, potentially looking to move if the army has some $$$. Wanted to know if there were some decent spots to eat (I eat anything) and if there are any gaming areas around the area. Any suggestions will be appreciated, gents
  14. ggallegos1

    Bluetooth Headphones for Running/Gym?

    I know there are some audiophiles here, so I'd like to ask around. Both of my Bluetooth headphones took a shit in the past 2 weeks. I had gotten Powerbeats by Dre for Christmas and they died randomly. I was also using a pair of Jaybird X3's which lasted longer but those died as well. Both...
  15. ggallegos1

    Updated 7/29 Genesis and Dreamcast games

    Selling off some stuff to get the MODE for both DC and Saturn. All games are complete and work unless stated otherwise. On the upper end of gamer quality condition, except for the Saturn long boxes. If you want more pics, shoot me a pm. UPDATE 7/29 Selling some Genesis games as well. CGC means...
  16. ggallegos1

    161 in 1

    I want to play around with the pick and mix options in the latest Unibios. Plus it's easier to leave this in the big red in the gfs apartment instead of dragging carts everywhere. If you happen to have one lying around that you never use because you're a baller and upgraded to a NeoSD, hook a...
  17. ggallegos1

    Father's Day 2020

    Happy father's day to all the father's here. How did you spend your day?
  18. ggallegos1

    Video board knobs missing

    Hey all, Probably a dumb questionSo I'm cleaning up the big red I got this last weekend and noticed that the video board has only 3 of the 8 knobs present. Is there a way I can get new knobs? What are they even called? And what's the process of installing them?
  19. ggallegos1

    4 Slot with Jamma Adapter

    Selling this off, had my fun but I am selling off some spares to get a big red. Payment is via PayPal gift or add 4% for goods. Works perfectly in all 4 slots, comes with the MVS ->JAMMA Adapter. Selling for $160 shipped. I'm pretty sure that's what I ended up paying for it. If I'm off, let...
  20. ggallegos1

    Various Stuff CPS2, Wii, 360, N64, etc

    Good evening all. I found a box of stuff and extras that I don't need, so I wanted to offload them. Prices are shipped in the US. All games are complete and in good condition unless specified. Additional pics available if needed. Payment via PayPal gift or add 4% for goods. CPS2 X-Men...