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  1. jeffkun34

    Tons of pcbs, PGM, Jamma, CPS. Etc

    I have quite the load of goodies to unload. Everything works unless I note specific issues with an item. I prefer PayPal friends and family or add 4% to help cover fees. I have been on here forever with tons of feedback so buy with confidence. For now I would like to stick with US shipping only...
  2. jeffkun34

    Anyone interested in the PS5 NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever edition?

    I bought a PS5 bundle that gave me 2 games, this being one of them. This is the $100 edition that comes with a ton of in game bonuses along with an extra digital code for the PS4 version which you can gift to someone else. $80 bucks shipped in the US to well known members only. PayPal F&F or add...
  3. jeffkun34

    Magfest 2020 Jan 2-5, National Harbor, MD

    Magfest 2020 is in one week. I should be there on Friday and Saturday for sure. The only tournaments I saw announced were for consoles. I was hoping to see an arcade tournament lineup but maybe Majors can comment on that. Who else is going this year? I usually hang out around the arcade for...
  4. jeffkun34

    IC: Blast City in Northern Virginia

    I need to make room for a new project so it looks like my nice Blast City will need to move out. I'm gauging interest at the moment but here are the details: It is a tri-sync 2931 with the usual mild convergence issue only visible in the very bottom right corner of the screen. I was never...
  5. jeffkun34

    Tons of MVS titles, most with shockbox and marquee, plus SSVS kit and more

    SEE POST #21 FOR CURRENT ITEMS I have a bunch of loose MVS titles for sale, most come with a repro mini marquee and all have a shockbox. Here is a pic of all carts: Garou: MOTW - $190 King of Fighters 98 - $55...
  6. jeffkun34

    Switch bundle, SNES mini bundle, NES mini bundle, and more

    I have a few bundles up for sale to fund my new project: Switch Bundle - click for pic Includes: Switch system with neon Joycons Joycon charging controller grip x 2 (1 new, 1 used once) new gray Joycons new...
  7. jeffkun34

    Great beatemups, Xmen, Vendetta, Knights of the Round and more

    I need to fund another project so these games are up for sale. All of them are phoenixed by Raz with their original ROMs. Please note I will only ship to the US and Canada and I pack like a pro. I can ship next business day after payment. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo - Blue board - $275 SOLD...
  8. jeffkun34

    PAX East 2019 March 28th-31st Boston, MA

    It is a little over a week away and wanted to see if anyone else is going? I plan on attending the Sam Sho panel as well as give the new game a try. I'll post impressions and pics in the Sam Sho news thread.
  9. jeffkun34

    SNK licensed statues from Gantaku

    I know folks on this forum like to shit on those who collect statues but I could not help but find these new statues from Gantaku incredibly impressive. I created this thread to not crap up the other thread. I don't collect statues but some of these are nice enough to make me consider buying...
  10. jeffkun34

    Magfest 2019 January 3rd-6th, National Harbor(Oxon Hill, MD) So who is coming to Magfest in the new year? I usually bring SamSho V SP for Majors to throw in one of his cabs so you can always find me wherever the Neo games are. I'm sure Carlson will be manning his booth as usual. Stefan will probably make an appearance by late Friday or...
  11. jeffkun34

    Last Blade 2 and SSVS on PS4

    Checking to see if anyone has these games on PS4 and wants to throw down. I know everyone plays on Fightcade now but I need to get a new PC. I’ve been living on my phone and iPad for a while now. Every time I get online it is almost always the Japanese players who have 200 plus ping.
  12. jeffkun34

    Donkey Kong cocktail cab restoration and mod

    I’ve been working on this for the past couple months. I always liked the style of Nintendo cocktail cabs but hated the ugly brown color. VT gave me a gutted DK cocktail a few years back and never got around to working on it due to a divorce, moving around, and life in general. I took a couple of...
  13. jeffkun34


    I have the following kits and carts for sale: Samurai Shodown IV - full kit, matching serials, everything is great except for the tape that was on the box originally. I got it off but it left a residue. $130 plus shipping SOLD I accept paypal gift or add 4% to cover the fees. Please let me...
  14. jeffkun34

    SOLD: Pachinko Sexy Reaction kit with control panel

    SOLD I have a full kit of Pachinko Sexy Reaction with the PCB, art, poster, and control panel. Pics below. Looking for $320 plus shipping. Please note that this will be a fairly large package due to the art and control panel so shipping will not be inexpensive. Shipping will include insurance...
  15. jeffkun34

    FS: Large collection of Street Fighter Anniversary sticks modded for Neo, PS3, and Xbox

    I have a collection of Street Fighter Anniversary sticks up for sale. I will sell these individually. I'm not looking to make a ton off these things but I do need to clear out some of my space. Here is a pic for reference as I don't currently have pics of each sticks but they are all in good...
  16. jeffkun34

    FS: Hori Real Arcade Pro VX-SA sticks x 2 with free plexi overlays

    SOLD I am selling two identical Hori Real Arcade Pro VX-SA sticks both with less than 5 hours of play on them with the original box. I am also including a plexi overlay for custom art. They do not have the hole cut for the start button as I was going to move that to the top of the stick...
  17. jeffkun34

    Windjammers for the next generation? Disc Jam Basically these guys remade windjammers in 3-D with a different camera angle and multiplayer up to 4 people. Homage or rip off? You be the judge.
  18. jeffkun34

    Awesome NEO GEO Humble Bundle, buy and benefit the charity of your choice Spend $40 and over to get a sweet Metal Slug T-shirt. I'm sure most of these are not steam games but the fact that SSVS and TSS is on the list is interesting. I would love to have all of these...
  19. jeffkun34

    FS: MAS Supernova - SOLD

    UPDATE: This has been sold! I have a MAS Supernova with brand new IL sticks, and buttons installed. I also added a CPS2 kick harness and swapped the shit encoder for a JROK with component video out. The sticks are in great shape but the main box had a gouge that was wood puttied before I...
  20. jeffkun34

    FS: Tons of random PCBs

    Metamorphic Force - original board, sound and graphics are perfect, no visible issues with the sound chip. I believe I have the original manual for this as well. $220 - SOLD Captain Commando - Original CPS1, working with no issues. $180 - SOLD Twin Eagle II - Fully working, no issues...