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  1. undamned

    WTB/WTT: Rockman/Megaman 1 CPS2

    On the lookout for one of these. If you have one and are interested in other CPS2 games, I have almost all of them and would be willing to part with one or more in trade for Rockman/Megaman 1. I do have the CPS1 Rockman/Megaman 1, which I could work into the trade so that you still have the...
  2. undamned

    FS: CPS3/CPSIII JoJo 1 Boxed Set

    Up for grabs is my JoJo 1 kit. I've had this for a long time, but looking back, I really only played it much when I first got it, so I'd rather put the value elsewhere in my collection: After taking some photos I realized I hadn't put the white plastic bubble back on the PCB...
  3. undamned

    Some CPS2 B Board Problems

    So, what was intended to be an office cleaning exercise turned into a weekend long CPS2 game sorting/repair extravaganza. There a few problems I feel I've exhausted my knowledge on and I'm ready to ask for help. Here we go: 1. Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter (suicide board) - Failing...
  4. undamned

    IC: OG Capcom Japan T-Shirts for your Kids

    I'm cleaning my office/nerd cave and came across a bunch of unopened Capcom shirts for kids from the early 90's. Most are Super Street Fighter II (different characters on front), but some are Rockman X. If this is of interest to anyone, I'll take some pics and post sizes, etc. I was thinking...
  5. undamned

    FS/FT: Some CPS2 Games - Powered Gear, 1944, D&D, etc.

    B Boards only. All games still running on a battery unless noted otherwise and will be replaced before shipping. All cases look great and have been cleaned up nicely unless noted otherwise. All labels are original. Shipping not included in price. _ Selling/Trading: Choko - Green Battery -...
  6. undamned

    FS: Alien vs Predator CPS2 JP

    Alien vs Predator JP - very clean, revived with JP Avalaunch program files - $200 -ud
  7. undamned

    WTB: ANY AES Cart

    I've long since sold off my AES carts and just need something to test my system. It can be super rubbish condition, so long as it works 100% :lolz: -ud
  8. undamned

    WTB/WTT: Mega Man / Rockman Games / Stuff

    Most of this stuff is a long shot, but I am looking for the following - Wanted Games: - GB Mega Man V Euro Version ("Laguna" logo on front) Complete. I can trade out other Mega/Rockman games for this +/or cash. - PS1 Rockman 8 NEW - PS1 Rockman X3 NEW - PS1 Rockman X4 NEW Wanted Stuff: -...
  9. undamned

    PS3/XBOX 360 to Neo Geo Converter

    So, some of you may have heard about my other UD-USB converters, such as the PS3/X360 to screw terminal (JAMMA, etc.): Or the more recent PS3/X360 to DB15: But what I want to ask you guys is about a Neo Geo version with the appropriate connector for the deep controller ports with smaller...
  10. undamned

    FS/FT: CPS2 Stuff!

    Just looking to fill some gaps in my collection. I have the following available: Games: Street Fighter Zero 2 JP - nice condition, just installed fresh battery - $85 SSFIIX: Grand Master Challenge JP B - case a bit rough, battery changed recently, copied art/manual - TRADE ONLY (really...
  11. undamned

    FS: NAOMI Kits + Other Capcom Stuff!

    Canon Spike Kit ($200): Original Art/Manual. Marquee is near mint. Move strips were removed from a surface so I put them on wax paper to keep them from sticking to anything. Move strips are near mint. Manual is a bit rough. Looks photo copied, but I have many Capcom kits from many eras...
  12. undamned

    FS: Marvel vs Capcom 2 Cart + Mobo + Capcom IO!

    Marvel vs Capcom 2 Cart + Mobo + Capcom I/O! ($350): Marvel vs Capcom 2 Cart, NAOMI system, Capcom IO, Marquee, Manual, and move strips. Marquee has a crack and has been taped from the front. Looks like you could remove the tape from the front and tape it on the back for a decent looking...
  13. undamned

    Calling All Phoenix Area Puzzle Gamers!

    I'm trying to drum up some local interest in this year's Devastation gaming event. Devastation is typically known for fighting game competition, but they are open to other genres and I'm in contact with the organizers regarding getting some puzzle game action going. Basically this thread is to...
  14. undamned

    FS: Brand New Hyper 64 Motherboards

    ---ALL SOLD!!! THANKS GUYS!--- Alright, guys and gals, please help me clear this stuff out! :D I accept PayPal and if you so desire, money order. I've had a case of these things sitting around for a while: I sold 1 a while back but still have 3 remaining. I can sell them individually <br>...
  15. undamned

    FS: Undamned's Gaming Bizzare (from NES to Arcade!)

    Alright, guys and gals, help me clear this stuff out! :D I accept PayPal and if you so desire, money order. Shipping will be via USPS (unless buyer has a specific preference and is willing to pay accordingly) and can be combined on multiple items. Here are the photo's for most of the stuff...