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  1. jeff10

    Where all the old school console modders go

    Any of u guys still around modders of the The cdx , nomad , rgb nes and genesis, turbo grafx , Saturn , dream cast . I'm trying get my collections back up .
  2. jeff10


    Looking for this nes cart rom hack if anyone has info where to find or one to sell lmk. Missed the last few on eBay want cart only don't need unopened box etc Etc want it to play not look at Thanks
  3. jeff10

    Perfect condition arcade legends for trade

    I have a perfect condition arcade legends arcade machine. I am wanting to get a 55 inch led tv for this. video
  4. jeff10

    Macbook 11E53 2010 model or New iPad - iPad2

    Was going to meet a guy in morning to buy a 2010 macbook 13.5 model 11E53 it has 2.13ghz intel core 2 duo - 2gb 800mhz ddr2 sdram - grpahics Nividia Geforce 9400M 256 MB software Mac OS X lion 10.7.4 was going to pay 400.00 for this.... Im on the fence between that and a iPad 2 or (maybe) ipad...
  5. jeff10


    Anyone have this, anyone played it much. I have always wanted to try to sit down and learn a little. Is this a bunch of bull or could you really learn something here.
  6. jeff10

    Fatal fury 2 cart starts at ending screen

    my fatal fury 2 cart starts at the ending screen after you pick you player and try to start the gnaw. Wtf
  7. jeff10

    Neo Geo Big Red Four Slot super super clean.

    Thinking of selling my Neo big red side art super nice: monitor perfect. Looking for 650 or trade for ipad2. Will load up and meet somewhere in kentucly or wothin 100 or so miles of 40143 zip code. Or you can of course come pick up or I can arrange delivery. Never shipped sopmething like this...
  8. jeff10

    neo geo big red to play other arcade games, pac man etc

    Is there a adapter i can use to be able to keep my neo geo 4 slot big red ( a neo geo 4 slot big red) but be able to simply flip a use somthing like a jamma 48-1. Would this be a major job to attempt. Has anyone ever done this with a neo
  9. jeff10

    TiVo series 3 250gb new led display top of the line Make offer

    TiVo TCD648250B Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder No other box comes close. Get the very-top-of-the-line sound, highest-quality picture, and the Emmy award-winning TiVo service all in one incredible digital cable*-ready box. A subscription...
  10. jeff10

    WTB OFFICE 2010

    does anyone of my fellow friends on here have a copy of office 2010. I can paypal ya now. PM me or email me. Thanks..
  11. jeff10

    Office Ultimate 2010 needed

    does anyone of my fellow friends on here have a copy of office 2010. I can paypal ya now. PM me or email me. Thanks..
  12. jeff10

    well I bought another neo geo.

    I found another Neo, picked it up couple days ago the owner said it didnt work. Brought it home plugged it in went straight to test mode. wiggled the carts they are touchy but it works. here are some pics. The sides are perfect no scratches.
  13. jeff10

    Roads edge dual sit-down

    Found one working it's dual sit-down ( 2 connected ) anyone know what these are worth I prolly will not buy but just wondered. Oh yeah I just bought another big red tall 4 slot for 125.00 I'm thinking I could get the roads edge for around 300-400 maybe less I can't afford it but just curious if...
  14. jeff10

    Dsi modding

    Got my daughter a dsi xl, I have a gba I used a micro sim card mod and could play games on that. Anyone hetevhave good info on what I need to mod the dsi to play emulators, dsi games movies etc from a sd card. What should I buy or need to do. I have looked online but I need input from someone...
  15. jeff10

    Android and or Facebook Neo-Geo App

    MAKE ONE PLEASE Android and or Facebook Neo-Geo App
  16. jeff10

    WTB a sony ericson phone

    looking for a k850 k660 w508 k550 or something looks like one. Or i have a couple of samsung eternity's i would trade for another phone. (I hate the touch screens-) with the exception of ipohnes touch screens.
  17. jeff10

    WTT a ps3 modded psp newer psp

    just seeing if anyone would be interested. ok not much interest in trading for a newer 360 so does anyone have a modded psp, with games etc already with it to be used...
  18. jeff10

    wanted wii fit board

    looking for a wii fit balance board only. Or if you have the whole package cheap i guess i may be interested in that also..
  19. jeff10

    Wtb slingbox solo

    I am looking for a used slingbox solo so I can watch tv on my iPod touch buy or trade
  20. jeff10

    wtb or trade for Playchoice 10

    Looking for one of these near Kentucky