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    Why do you like NEO GEO so much?

    I love the 4D graphics!
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    AES-style MVS replacement shells preview

    I'm down for at least 20!
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    English label over JPN label?

    I have both a NAM 1975 and aTop Player's Golf like that.
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    Tell me about MVS consoles.

    I bought a botched consolized MV2F on ebay dirt cheap and Xian Xi fixed it up for me. Works flawlessly.
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    Have you ever bough an expensive game which turned out to be a conversion/boot?

    If I find a game on ebay, I always ask the seller if it's genuine and ask them to provide pics of the boards. I've been burned a few times, thankfully nothing expensive.
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    What Are Your Favorite Unibios Features?

    I play my CMVS MV2F in US AES mode. I also like the auto fire option in shooters and the Metal Slug games. It keeps me from beating the crap out of the A button.
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    What are you playing for Halloween/October?

    As much as I try, I just can't get into The Last of Us. I bought it day one, played for a few hours, and I never went back. I really want to like it but something's holding me back.
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    What are you playing for Halloween/October?

    I'm just passed the point when Sephiroth kills Areis. The whole area leading up to that scene, even all these years later, still gives me the feeling that something terrible is about to happen. That's brilliant game design.
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    What are you playing for Halloween/October?

    I find FF7 to be very creepy in areas. No real blood and guts moments, but the atmosphere does a great job at making you feel uneasy. Baseball Stars 2 in honor of MLB Playoffs. Nothing beats October baseball!
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    What are you playing for Halloween/October?

    I'm really into Final Fantasy 7 at the moment. The last time I played through it was back when it first released. Super Mario 3D World and Baseball Stars 2 are getting some heavy play as well.
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    Current Best Mods for AES

    Jamma-nation X for sure. He did a fantastic job on the MV2F I sent him. Very affordable too!
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    How may hours a day do you play neo?

    I can't say I play every day, but I average about 3 hours per week.
  13. C Official WTF NEO Auction Thread

    $390.00 for NAM1975 sounds about right...Does anyone ever contact these sellers?
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    NES BitBox opinion

    Wow! Those look way better than the Universal Game Cases! I may have to upgrade!
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    Neo custom stickers/vinyl

    You should check this guy out. I asked him to make a custom Neo sticker for my consolized MV2F. He did a good job and the cost for a custom sticker was reasonable.
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    Very 1st Arcade Game you ever played?

    Pac-Man is the first game I can remember playing at Sbarros Pizza.
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    How long have you had your Neo Geo?

    I bought my AES back in October 1991. Bought a consolized MV2F last spring.
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    Cool Metal Slug Stuff

    Woah! Very cool!
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    Why does Metal Slug 4 get so much hate?

    It's a fun game. I like the 2 machine guns, and the cargo ship stage has some tricky jumps to make, but the whole game still feels a bit watered down. Especially compaired to the brilliance of MSX and 3. Final boss was a big disappointment.
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    someone bought neogeo console in early 90 ? or in summer 1990?

    Yeah buddy. I slaved away working part-time at McDonald's for months in order to buy one. I was 16 years old. Even managed to afford a new game every couple of months!