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    Electric and Hybrid cars

    If you have 14k budget for a used one, you might want to look into 2017 Chevrolet Bolt which has 200+ miles range (fully electric). I know you don't like the idea of oil change/going to gas station. My father-in-law has a 2nd generation Chevrolet Volt (a Plug-in Hybrid, now discontinued) which...
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    The Wii U - Nintendo's best failure - Pikmin 3 - 2/23

    My daughter still plays Wii Fit U on the WiiU and pretty much that is the most played game for the system. We also had so much fun with Super Mario 3D World with 4 players. My son spent quite some time playing Splatoon and Mario Kart online- I even bought a 2nd WiiU console just to play...
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    Electric and Hybrid cars

    Electric car is not for everyone. You need to have the mindset and open to change before you should consider buying an electric vehicle. You also need to ask yourself the following questions: (1) How many miles do I drive each day? Average American drives 30 to 50 miles per day (2) Would I...
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Yes and No. For the battle part, it's easy to figure it out. For the sim part, you would have to be fluent in order to fully enjoy the game or choose the "correct" answer when you encountered a character.
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I spent countless hours on these games back then. These Sakura Wars games were made with love! Enjoy!
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    Total cunt alert!

    Yup, I miss Shawn. Visited him, played games at his house in San Jose quite a few times and attended his funeral with Mikhail. During the funeral, I shared his personal story about why he wanted me to help him buy the Simpsons arcade board as he had fond memories playing it in arcade with his...
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    Weird Accessories And Hardware.

    Pri Fun for Sega Saturn- I had a chance to buy it at EBgames inside the Great Mall in San Jose years ago (98 I think?) but thought it was a waste of money. My friend picked up a brand new Sega Nomad though. More infor on Pri Fun:
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    Purge time! Various console stuffz

    I tried to PM you about the PS Classic mini but your PM box is full
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    WTB Tototek Mega Cart v1.x for Sega CD

    I have a CD+ Plus Universal Mega-CD Adaptor. The box says "enable you to play imported CD games on your Mega CD player". I don't have a Sega CD, so it's untested so I am not sure it will work.
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    No that is not a SNKG NITD. It's NITD in a white color case.
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    WTB: Nintendo Switch accessories

    For joy-cons, I strongly recommend you to buy new ones. My two left joycons have "drifting" issues: Alternatively, you can buy a wireless controller or 8BitDo SN30 Pro Bluetooth gamepad
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    Suggest The Best TG-16 / PC Engine Games To Play

    My favorite PCE Hucards that I grew up with: 1943 Kai Kyukyoku Tiger R Type I & II Nekketsu KoKo Dodgeball Splatterhouse Ninja Spirit Outrun Moto Roader 1 & 2 F1 Circus World Jockey
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    What are your big time homecarts you still want that are somewhat attainable?

    I am pretty content with what I have now. Only missing Ninja Commando Dog Tag, Stakes Winners 2, Slug 1 and 2. I am more worried about getting bootleg AES these days so I would only buy from a trusted seller. The golden years of hunting down AES games have passed thanks to the hype created by...
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    What Neo Geo Game/s are you playing? Weekly/daily check.

    Just updated the firmware on my NeoSD Pro and got some NGCD action. Played through Final Romance Mahjong and 1cc Stakes Winner MVS. Next up are Neo Turf Masters (still need to beat Scotland course), Baseball Stars 2 and maybe some Mahjong Kyouretsuden.
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    NEOSD PRO - The New Terranonion Neo Geo Product March 2018.

    I had hesitation updating the firmware on my NeoSD Pro after reading RAZO's experience. I finally bit the bullet to update the firmware last night and luckily there was no issue. The Neo Geo CD support is fantastic! Played through Final Romance 2 Mahjong without problem. Most of the CD games...
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    Show me your white MVS carts!

    I am planning to start a new thread with pictures of individual SNKG carts. I've acquired a few more SNKG carts since 2011 with more confirmed titles!
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    Your NGCD system? Best? Favorite?

    Used to own a US top loader and a Japanese top loader but sold them. I still own a CDZ with regional switch. The only CD games I still play on the CDZ are Neo Turf Masters, Iron Clad, Baseball Stars 2, Metal Slug 1 & 2. Although NGCD is not mainstream, I still love NGCD as it brings back all...
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    UPDATE - RECOVERED Atomiswave games - but what the fuck happened?

    I am so glad that you recovered the games and everything worked out at the end! Not sure what happened in this case. but at least DHL stepped up and took care of it.