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    Baseball Stars 2 MVS + Misc Carts **Reduced**

    Reasonable offers accepted.
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    Baseball Stars 2 MVS + Misc Carts **Reduced**

    Sold some carts, also added a couple bootlegs for cheap. Don't really like to sell bootlegs and if none buys them i'll just throw them in the trash when the other games are gone. But they do play nicely.
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    Baseball Stars 2 MVS + Misc Carts **Reduced**

    Deal fell through on some carts and the card reader with cables. Please note shipped prices are within the USA only. I do not wish to ship outside the USA at this time.
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    Baseball Stars 2 MVS + Misc Carts **Reduced**

    I only have 4 carts left + the memory card. Make an offer.
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    Least Favorite Neo Games Thread

    LOL you are right. I did forget the name. HAHA. Horrible game, just plain awful. What was the point of that game? I think the point was to make neo collectors reexamine why they ever got into collecting carts in the first place!
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    Baseball Stars 2 MVS + Misc Carts **Reduced**

    I replied to his thread in the wanted section. Made him an offer. We'll see. Thanks for the heads up!
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    It may not be Aero Fighters 3 but...

    It makes everything feel much shadier. I had a guy who wanted to buy my powerstone naomi cart today and i told him to meet me at the airport. He declined. From now on all my face to face deals will be done at the airport!
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    Least Favorite Neo Games Thread

    Sam Sho 1 is one of my all time favorites. Aero Fighters 3 is pretty high up there too (AF2 was the best imo). The worst game i ever played Pop N Bounce. I had the cart just after Xian Xi had it and it was a pile of hot garbage.
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    WTB - MOTW, Last Blade, Last Resort MVS

    I've got sam sho 1,2,3, and 4. I'm in michigan so i'll give you a deal on all 4 of them. I'd take $70 shipped to your michigan address. If not thats ok too. Just figured i'd ask :)
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    Baseball Stars 2 MVS + Misc Carts **Reduced**

    Sorry bro, but they are on hold for someone else who just bought ms4 & ms5. If the deal falls through you've got first dibs :)
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    Baseball Stars 2 MVS + Misc Carts **Reduced**

    Added some pics. Didn't have my camera ready yesterday so i just got around to it today. This is what i have left. Everything bought yesterday has been shipped via USPS Priority Mail.
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    Baseball Stars 2 MVS + Misc Carts **Reduced**

    Nice to see the neo scene still alive and well. I about piss myself every time i read the 30k home cart thread. Classic
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    Baseball Stars 2 MVS + Misc Carts **Reduced**

    Well had a rough last couple years with the economy and all. Had to sell the house i bought back in 2000 for a loss just to get out of the area. North West Illinois is dying a slow painful death. I still love the NEO, but without space i can't justify keeping these carts, mobos and accessories...
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    Baseball Stars 2 MVS + Misc Carts **Reduced**

    I am cleaning out my storage unit after having moved to Grand Rapids Mi about 6 months ago. Unfortunately i don't have the space here to use my neo candy cabs so this stuff has to go. I will post it here first and then off to ebay it goes. Heres a list of what i've got: MVS Games: Bare Carts...
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    looking for a cmvs 2 slot

    Well i've got 3 i'm working on now, i've got the metal chasis completely sanded and the holes drilled for the a/v, power supply and etc. The chasis just needs to be painted on all 3. I normally take them to a local body shop to have them painted and clear coated. Once thats done i can begin the...
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    Ooooops (PS3 HD upgrade woes)

    Yeah thats the only good thing about the 360s hdd. The price they charge you for them is crazy. When the 120gb drives first came out they were $179, i've never spent over a dollar a gig, ever.
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    Keyboard/Mouse Adapter for xbox 360 worth buying?

    They work good, just make sure to buy the XCM XFPS and not the off brand ones. Just don't expect it to feel and act just like a pc and you won't be dissappointed. Just remember you need about 30-45 minutes to get used to it. Use a high resolution mouse and you'll be ok. Theres a learning curve...
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    What console were you most disappointed with?

    To be honest i didn't think the n64 was that bad, it had some great games but they didn't age as well as the games for the original nes and snes. The problem with 3d is it seems the games are all the same with the exception of graphic detail. Sure once in awhile you come across something new and...
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    WTB: Soda Syrup

    Oh cool, well for now i'll just grab some at the local beverage service in town, at least i think they'll let me buy from them. If i get turned down i'll let you know, thanks for the offer though.