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  1. bcfczulu

    Pvm leads.

    Hi guys, I'm picking up a 14 inch sony pvm later in the week what kind of leads will I need to connect my AES via rgb and where can I get them? Cheers.
  2. bcfczulu

    WTB magician lord & fighters history dynamite AES

    Let me know if you have either. Cheers
  3. bcfczulu

    How do you guys play.

    How do you guys approach neo games? Do you credit feed to get trough, set your self a set amount of continues or try to see how far you can get on 1cc?
  4. bcfczulu

    Samurai spirits 2 gameplay.

    Soooo has anyone got any tips for how to play as I suck balls at it on single player. I can't help but try and play it like any other fighter from that time and after 2 or 3 opponents I start getting smashed. How should I be approaching it?
  5. bcfczulu

    Megadrive mod? Could someone please tell me what mod is going on here. It was advertised as a H2 region mod. Cheers
  6. bcfczulu

    Neo x stick ouya?

    Any one know if the neo geo x stick works on the ouya? Cheers.
  7. bcfczulu

    Recommended soldering iron.

    Hi guys, I'm just about to start getting into soldering. The main thing I will be doing is working on modding consoles, building cmvs / repairing cabs...etc I'm going to be going on an electronics course. But for now I'm going to be practicing my soldering. What would be a half decent solder...
  8. bcfczulu

    fs- neo geo cmvs in the uk.

    neo cmvs (NEO-MVH MV1F) brought off ebay last year. working but has a low sound issue. has a uni bios 2.0 installed. comes with a psu and heavy duty thor scart lead. sound works fine if using the board in a cabinet from the jamma edge. £78 shipped in the uk.
  9. bcfczulu

    fs-2x cmvs and 161 multicart. uk.

    hi guys, ive got 2x cmvs for sale number 1- SOLD it has a universal bios 3.0 installed. it puts out a great rgb picture. has rgb pots and dip switches on the unit. comes with a modded tatsunoko vs capcom fight stick boxed, its had its buttons and stick replaced with higher quality arcade...
  10. bcfczulu

    low sound on a mv-1f cmvs.

    i have a cmvs on its way to me it is a mv-1f and iv'e been told the sound is very low on it. do any of you guys know what the problem could be? cheer's.
  11. bcfczulu

    interest check-neo geo x gold.

    version 370. 1 stick, boxed and complete. ninja masters has been opend and played. £150 shipped in the uk.
  12. bcfczulu

    wtb- panzer dragoon saga, pal.

    Let me know if you've got one. Cheers.
  13. bcfczulu

    diet advice????

    hi guy's, Ive recently started training Muay Thai again for the first time in 10 years. and at the moment I'm really wanting to work on my stamina and weight. i weighed in a couple of days ago and i came in at 79kg. i was told that for my height i want to be coming in at around 59kg (i was...
  14. bcfczulu

    How was this fight not stopped earlier.

    kick boxing vs muay thai, killer leg kicks. should have been stopped earlier though. awfull referee.
  15. bcfczulu

    NEO-GEO AES bundle, UK based.

    hi guy's, i'm selling of my neo stuff and would prefere to sell it as a job lot with collection prefered from Birmingham. 1xneo AES, has all hook ups and 2x new style sticks. 1x memory card. super mvs-aes converter 2-boxed with cd. pics link...
  16. bcfczulu

    help with AES prices.

    hi guys ive been selling off all my retro games and consoles and im now just left with my neo stuff, but i dont really know what it all goes for now. any help would be appreciated. i have 1xNEO AES with debug bios, all hook ups and 2x new style controllers. 1x super converter 2 boxed. 1x...
  17. bcfczulu

    Awsome muay thai fight Rungravee Sasiprapa.

    amazing fight featuring one of my favorite fighters Rungravee Sasiprapa.
  18. bcfczulu

    a guy i used to train with at muay thai.

    If your interested in muay thai take a look at this vid of Damien Trainor who i used too train with at K-Star muay thai. he is now a 2 time world champ and an excellent fighter.
  19. bcfczulu

    What's your favorite C64 music.

    iv'e been getting back into the c64 recently after picking up a boxed night moves c64 package for £20 from a car boot sale, and i forgot how great the music was on this system and wondered what you guy's like. i'll start off with one of my favorites; the Robocop loading screen. and Commando.
  20. bcfczulu

    super converter 2 cd?

    anyone know what the little cd is for that comes with the super converter 2?