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  1. SmaMan

    Metal Slug 3 no sound

    Greetings! It's been a while, but I just got a snazzy new Omega CMVS and it's been great! Except for one issue... One of the games I got with it was Metal Slug 3. The game boots up just fine, but it's totally silent. I also get a flashed up error message saying something like "Bad M1-Rom" which...
  2. SmaMan

    WTB: Neo-Geo CD console

    What the title says! :loco: I'll consider any offer, but I'd prefer it if it had a controller and an A/C adaptor with it. I've got the necessary audio cables already. I'd also prefer it if it worked well out of the box, i.e., not requiring any extensive surgery to get it working again. I also...
  3. SmaMan

    Well, now that I can legally say it...Hi!

    Heyyyy everybody! I am the SmaMan. You may know me around like-minded forums as... SmaMan. Anyway, I got me a Neo Geo CD, so I decided to join up here now that I'm officially an SNK owner. Unfortunately, that Neo Geo CD was broken, and I determined I did not possess the adequate means to fix...