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  1. El Maricon Loco

    Who wants a US Saturn with 11 games, 5 of them shitty.

    Hey brudders, Saturn is pending, gotta quote it out, thanks for all the bumperoni's! Markell, I believe that sticker says $6.99 :cool: ~ One of the best thrift deals I've ever gotten, shit.
  2. El Maricon Loco

    Who wants a US Saturn with 11 games, 5 of them shitty.

    YOOOO MMMUUUGGIIIII!!!! Yeah I got a Jap Saturn that also doesn't get played like it should. XD
  3. El Maricon Loco

    Who wants a US Saturn with 11 games, 5 of them shitty.

    Pic is collage style, system and controller are very clean, good condition. All games work fine, but are strictly gamer's condition, cases are shit on a lot of these with broken hinges, cracks, etc, Tennis doesn't even have a top half. Can get more details on the games if you need. Daytona...
  4. El Maricon Loco

    Ebay sent me a $20 coupon (Apology for the password breach?)

    That's fookin' sweet, daddy wants to buy some soiled panties. edit - Searching emails, I did not receive a coupon. :/
  5. El Maricon Loco

    The Game Chasers

    All I have to say is wow. Really wow. This is too deep, this is too much.
  6. El Maricon Loco

    The Expendables 3

  7. El Maricon Loco

    Capcom Open to Takeover?

    They've published/created some of my fave games of all time, but I don't have many fucks to give anymore.
  8. El Maricon Loco

    WTB: [NES] MegaMan 2 (US)

    LOL - Hope you enjoy getting a special call-out in this smear-doc, we should be stopping this thing, not encouraging it. Rori gonna make us look like a bunch-a assholes.
  9. El Maricon Loco

    WTB: [NES] MegaMan 2 (US)

    LOL - Classic Rori.
  10. El Maricon Loco

    WTB: [NES] MegaMan 2 (US)

    HAHAHH RORI WATCH 2014!!! For you folks on the W-Coast.
  11. El Maricon Loco

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Best scoop of da week. Sodium like a mofo though - don't give yourself hypertension. XD
  12. El Maricon Loco

    WTB: [NES] MegaMan 2 (US)

    That was your homicide path, didn't even finish key'ing cuz you stopped posting.
  13. El Maricon Loco

    Forum community - Welcoming feedback on dispute with dbarrett0981

    You mean Google Barrett and Associates Debt collections?
  14. El Maricon Loco

    WTB: [NES] MegaMan 2 (US)

    Yeah, Rori, we expected you back within the hour. LOL
  15. El Maricon Loco

    WTB: [NES] MegaMan 2 (US)

    No worries, I always have something in my butt, and the doc checked last year. I had a friend a grew up with get the C in the colon at my age now. Sorry to hear it dude.
  16. El Maricon Loco

    WTB: [NES] MegaMan 2 (US)

    I DON"T TRUST YOU RORI!!!! How you been?
  17. El Maricon Loco


    Bubs, I can send you FF2 and some money. You have something I desire greatly.
  18. El Maricon Loco

    3D printing Arcade and Neo items - Collecting Ideas!

  19. El Maricon Loco

    Official A/V Thread

    I have a pair of $10 Ink'd bass-buds from like 2009 that I just used this morning, (almost every morning actually) never had a problem with them.
  20. El Maricon Loco

    Is it OK to be content with what you have

    You can't tell someone money alone won't make them happy, that's a lesson you find out on your own. I think the important this is self growth, I agree you should continue growing and goals can help with that. I think the most important thing is to just not be a fucking douche, odds are...