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    I Dont Know What I Did ~!~!!~!~!

    BUT ITS WORKING =-D ... i toned down the +5 input its running at 4.83 or something right now and it boots right up .. no problems what so ever WOOO HOOO FINALLY SOMETHING GOES RIGHT FOR ME ... *sniffle sniffle i am so happy hahaha thank you all for your help .. and you guys are the best
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    VIdeo ram error ?

    Hmmm .. helpp ... this is all that comes up on screen .. what does it mean ? my board is doa ?
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    FInally got a new power supply .. but ...

    hello again i have purchased a new power supply from bob roberts thanks to recommendations of fellow board members .. but i still have a lil problem .. my cab is a conversion and the power supply seems to have different markings .. the psu that was originally in the cab was a hitron hsa-130...
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    Best place to buy new powersupply .. ?

    Also if anyone lives in nyc and wants to make a few bucks .. i'll shell out some cash if you can get my neo up and running =-]
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    Finally got it inside .. but problems still exist

    I finally got my neogeo outta the garage and into my house .. and connected everythying and tried to power it up and nothing but a green grid screen .. i even tried the snk vs capcom pcb and still the same thing .. has this ever happened to anyone and do you know what might cause it .. HELP...
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    Newb with a few questions ..

    I have a 2 slot mvs converted cab .. and i was wondering if anyone in the ny area with the technical knowhow would beable to come over and help me work on it gettin it running or beable to point me in the right direction .. i'd hate to have my board fry since i overlooked a wire or something ...