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  1. funkified

    Front AV on Bandridge Switch No Video Issue

    So just moved and pulled out my PVM 20M2MDU with my manual bandridge switch (GB purchase from the forum) Hooked everything back up, I have leads for a SNES, PS1/PS2, Model 1 Genesis. My BNC/audio breakout was made by Yodd, he also provided me the other scart cables mentioned a handful of...
  2. funkified

    FS: Blaze VGA Adapter and Total Control Adapters for DC

    Found these in storage, and I no longer have a DC . There's one Blaze VGA adapter, never used and like new! Was $50 now $40 Also have 4 Total Control Plus Playststion to DC controller adapters. Says you can use any PS/PS2 controller including fight sticks and steering wheels. These are...
  3. funkified

    WTB: Mega Everdrive

    Looking for one, let me know what you have!
  4. funkified

    FS: GBA and GBC Games, PSP GO, Retron 5 and MORE!

    Looking to pare down my collection a bit to help pay some bills! Games are loose unless otherwise stated! All prices in $US Payment via paypal and Ill eat the fee. MAKE ME OFFERS if you dont like the prices! Buyer pays actual shipping costs. Will ship anywhere, but preferable in North...
  5. funkified

    FS: GB Everdrive $60 SHIPPED!

    Up for sale is my GB Everdrive, which was part of the group buy that TravistyOJ organized back in 14'! It is the PCB with the clear shell, micro SD with the full GB and GBC romsets and the super custom label that Opt2Not designed! Asking $60 (plus paypal fee) shipped to Canada and...
  6. funkified

    Great pick up and play games?

    For a lot of us as we get older, there's less and less time in the day to play. So I find myself playing games in really short bursts, like 10-20 min at a time. A great feature of the 3DS and the Vita is the standby/sleep mode so you can always jump right back into a game from where you left...
  7. funkified

    Lookin for someone to help me out in the Everett/Seattle area

    Not sure where to put this, but i guess unrelated is a good a place as any. So Ill be heading on a road trip to the area in mid June, and am looking for someone to help me receive some packages so that I may pick them up while Im down there. Of course Ill offer some sort of compensation for...
  8. funkified

    FS: Lots of Stuff! GCW Zero, Loose SNES, SFC, BNIB Turtlebeach PX4 Headset

    Looking to make some room at home, so starting to pare down my collection to the games I really want to keep, also to fund an everdrive or two :D Loose carts now include FREE shipping to Canada and the US. The Headset, GCW and Zone of the Enders Collectors editions will be shipped for $5US...
  9. funkified

    FS: BNIB Turtle Beach PX4 Headset

    Up for grabs is a turtle beach px4 headset. The box is sealed and unopened. Features! Dolby Digital Sound Wireless Bluetooth to take calls while you game Mic is removable Works for PS4, PS3 and Xbox360 Retails for $150! Asking $110US Shipped to you in North America Also...
  10. funkified

    FREE SNES Game Raffle Giveaway! Just Pick a Number!

    UPDATE: Last Number Picked on POST #168 YOU CAN PICK 2 NUMBERS NOW! Hi all! Im a longtime member, very occasional poster and a daily lurker :lolz: Today, I'd like to try something that might be fun. Also, to show appreciation to the community that has provided years and years of interweb...
  11. funkified

    FS: BNIB Xbox 360 Holiday bundle 2013

  12. funkified

    FS:A selection of Boxed NES Games!

    ****ALL SOLD**** All games are boxed with cart and sleeve only, most will also have the styrofoam insert. Some may have stickers from an old video store on them. Nothing a little elbow grease cant fix! Paypal only + 4% or gift. Shipping is flat rate $7 per game. I am located in canada so...
  13. funkified

    FS: CIB US Version of Hagane! and 9 Pokemon Games for the DS!

    A rare one here folks! This is a legit cart, and i have owned it for over 10 years. Wayyy before anyone would have cared to fake it. I have a CIB US copy of Hagane for SNES the cart has a clean label the box has a tear on the bottom right corner from a sticker the manual is crisp but there...
  14. funkified

    FS: Boxed 80GB MGS 4 PS3 Bundle

    It's a long shot but thought I'd see if theres interest here anyways. We all know the console is a pig so shipping is a cost factor from Canada. I've owned since new in (07') and in case you didn't know this was the last console to be backwards compatible. Has never died Never had issues...
  15. funkified

    FS: A few assorted Items - 2 DS Lites, Genesis games, and a couple DC games

    Will ship anywhere, prices do NOT include shipping. Average cost to ship one game will likely run about $10-12 insured/no tracking via small packet airmail to US and via ground tracked and insured in canada. More games will definitely cost less. Paypal + fee or gift as with anything else...
  16. funkified

    FS: Blue 3DS-XL and DS Games

    Will ship anywhere. Paypal is you pay the fee or gift it 3DS is sold! I have a repro of the beta version (well the only version im assuming) of Ninja Gaiden for Genesis. It's a clean label and a clean looking cart overall. Can include a blank case if desired but shipping would likely be...
  17. funkified

    FS: Lot of 24 Assorted Original Xbox Games

    Just cleaning up a bit and making some space All games are Mint and Complete Will ship to anywhere provided you pay of course. Payments through paypal as a gift or you pay the fees. Heres the list of games. 007 Agent Under Fire (Platinum Hits) Black Brute Force Call of Duty: Finest Hour...
  18. funkified

    FS: 2 DS Lite's for a project!

    So here's the deal: 1. I have 2 DS Lites, one is black which is in good cosmetic condition, it comes with the box,manuals, stylus's, charger and the screens are in pretty good shape. The front has a few small Knicks or chips very small see the pics. The catch is that this DS does not turn on...
  19. funkified

    Thinking about getting into the Genny world, so school me please!

    I grew up on the SNES so I never owned a Genesis at any point in my childhood. Now, I pretty much own anything I'd like to play on my SNES. So id like to experience the other side of the 16bit world I missed out on! So which gen console is best to pickup? After reading a bit I gathered that...
  20. funkified

    FS/FT: GBA and SNES games

    Up for sale is an assortment of games: Shipping is $6US anywhere across Canada and the US, and combined games will be cheaper for sure. My prices are not set in stone, throw me any offers! Ill be more than willing to entertain them. Id be willing to trade for older stuff too, mainly into...