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  1. lithy

    Anyone with Switch repair experience that can offer advice?

    So, I'm going to fuck around with my Switch from the woods and see if I can return it to an operational state just for my own experience. I had it up and running for a little while before it died again. It was found outdoors, so assume it has some exposure to moisture. Nothing inside looks...
  2. lithy

    WTB: 2 Wii Pro Classic Controllers

    Prefer black but also prefer cheap so if you have two sitting around that you want to be rid of, let me know. Shipping would be to 15210.
  3. lithy

    Here comes the bombs, doo da doo doo Over there, over there Send the word, send the word over there That the Yanks are coming
  4. lithy

    WTB: Nintendo Switch accessories

    Anyone have good deals on stuff to go with my Switch that I found in the woods? Looking for official stuff, preferably used but working, but open to new too. Joy-cons - possibly 2 pairs, at least 1. Dock with AC adapter, HDMI cable a bonus. Shipping would be to 15210.
  5. lithy

    Rodham - A Novel

    lol Who is this sort of fiction for? Odds that Trump RTs something lifted verbatim from this book before the election?
  6. lithy

    Suleimani's um, assassination I guess?

    I have to admit that this seems pretty brazen, even considering our recent proclivity for drone strikes. They were still generally reserved for militants or at least higher level terror group guys. This seems like a straight up political assassination to me. Am I missing anything...
  7. lithy

    Cord Cutting to Subscription Overload?

    I wanted to find out how people are faring with the recent explosion of streaming services. Years ago people began to ditch bundled cable, figuring that they could survive with their entertainment needs being met by maybe a combination of home internet, OTA networks, and Netflix streaming...
  8. lithy

    This makes it all worth it right? When satire is no longer distinguishable from the sincere. Watch the commercial and tell me if this is support or teasing.
  9. lithy

    Trump announces a troop withdrawl...

    And on queue, both parties jump up and say we should instead be preparing an exit strategy, whatever is announced is always too abrupt, too poorly thought out, and a bad move for American leadership on an international stage (whatever that means). More time, more delay, more presence of troops...
  10. lithy

    Absolute Monarchy lol

    You know how whenever you bring up the British Crown the loyal subjects of the dominion come running to tell you about how the Queen is just a figurehead with no political power? lol
  11. lithy

    Looking for a middleman helper near Findlay, OH

    Have a Facebook seller that doesn't want to ship. And 4 hours is just a bit too far for a weekend drive. I would obviously cover cost and shipping and add in something fair for the help ($40-50?). Just let me know, it's just CCG cards.
  12. lithy

    Mueller Report: So Where Are We Now?

    Genuinely curious, non-troll thread about where the Dumpster denizens are now. So a report has been submitted, AG has given a summary to Congress. Apparently no new charges coming. Are you skeptical of Barr's summary? Do you want to read the full report? Should Barr and Mueller be...
  13. lithy

    Happy Birthday nruva!

    Maybe he still peeks in to read but not post...
  14. lithy

    All set, God save the Queen

    We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?
  15. lithy

    Do-, Re-, Mi-, Fa-, So-, La-, Ti-, Do-

    Which is your favorite word? Dotard Retard Mitard Fatard Sotard Latard Titard
  16. lithy

    Satan made me do it

    lol Public resistance at its finest.
  17. lithy

    GOP Lawmaker Targeted

    Justified right? A real American hero, standing up for the common man against the tyranny of Trump.
  18. lithy

    Sony KD-34xs955 no power

    Similar TV to the XBR960. About a month ago I replaced IC6501 and IC8002 to resolve a blinking red light. I think it was 6 blinks. Anyway tonight it will not power on. No blinking standby light at all. Can't hear any clicks or buzzes that would suggest power is getting to anywhere that...
  19. lithy

    Denver Do's and Don'ts

    Since stage has probably gotten all of his useful info for Boston tricks by now and I know we have a few Coloradicals on the forum, I need a few suggestions for a Denver-Fort Collins trip in early fall. Quick weekend for brother's bachelor party. Should be a group of 8. I have been a few...
  20. lithy

    ID this game by the side art challenge

    Purely for my own curiosity I cannot determine what the side art is on the Frogger cab. Anyone know?