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  1. famicommander

    Norm MacDonald recorded a secret comedy special before his death, releasing soon
  2. famicommander

    Evercade thread

    So I know Fatstacks and Gohan just bought into this, and I'm waiting for my handheld to arrive from Euroland. Just thought maybe we could have one thread for news and updates and shit?
  3. famicommander

    Gilbert Gottfried has died

    From his own Twitter account a couple months back:
  4. famicommander

    Meat Loaf dead at 74

    Best known for his 1977 debut album Bat Out of Hell, which is currently the 4th best selling album in history (after Thriller, Back in Black, and The Bodyguard).
  5. famicommander

    Men convicted of Malcolm X assassination exonerated Witnesses against them were FBI informants.
  6. famicommander

    Alec Baldwin Brandon Lee'd someone
  7. famicommander

    Judas Priest guitarist ruptures aorta on stage, finishes Painkiller solo anyway That's the most metal shit of all time
  8. famicommander

    Norm MacDonald dead at 61 Horrible news. One of my all time favorites.
  9. famicommander

    New ongoing sportsball thread

    Figured with football season upon us and another NBA/NHL season around the corner we could use a new thread. Broncos named Teddy Bridgewater their starting QB today. I like the part where he isn't Drew Lock. That's probably his best quality.
  10. famicommander

    Richard Donner dead at 91

    Best known for directing: Superman: The Movie The Goonies Lethal Weapon The Omen And producing: The Lost Boys Free Willy The Tales from the Crypt films X-Men Any Given Sunday
  11. famicommander

    SNES 2 GC controller adapter

    Just thought I'd share: I bought one and it works as you'd expect. Lets you plug a Super Nintendo controller into a Gamecube. Case is 3D printed but it seems relatively sturdy. Much...
  12. famicommander

    Amazon buys MGM for 9 billion dollars

    Amazon now owns: MGM, United Artists, Orion film and television Studios Epix, MGM, Screenpix TV networks James Bond (film series only) Rocky Robocop The Silence of the Lambs Poltergeist The Pink Panther Legally Blonde Barbershop Stargate Vikings The Handmaid's Tale Bill and Ted 21 Jump Street...
  13. famicommander

    Hank Aaron dead at 86

    Truly as great as they come. A legendary player and an even better man.
  14. famicommander

    NBA/NHL 2021 seasons

    First Nuggets game last night and they choked it away it in overtime. Jokic picked up right where he left off in the playoffs, though: 29 points, 15 rebounds, 14 assists, 3 blocks Brutal game for Jamal Murray though: 9 points on 1/9 shooting, fouled out
  15. famicommander

    HBO Max hits Roku tomorrow, PS5 today

    They finally got a deal done so tomorrow, Thursday 12/17 they will finally release the HBO Max app on Roku. It has also been released on PS5, Amazon Fire devices, and they fixed the Linux and Chromebook support that they had earlier bricked in an update. So I think pretty much all major...
  16. famicommander

    New Star Wars stuff announced

    Bunch of TV shows and other stuff. -Hayden Christiansen will appear as Darth Vader in the Obi-Wan TV series which is set to start filming soon. -Cassian Andor from Rogue One is getting a live action series series which is already filming and will debut in 2022. Set five years before the film...
  17. famicommander

    Alex Trebek dead at 80 Terrible news EDIT: Actually 80 years old, not 79