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  1. SonGohan

    Anybody completely remove sugar from their diet?

    I’m curious if anybody here had actually gone through with it. What was your experience? As I’m getting older, I’ve found myself making adjustments to my diet and am considering this next step. Everything I’ve read says the first few days are a bitch but then your body has switched processes and...
  2. SonGohan

    WTB PS5 Digital Edition

    Man, I figure I’d try here. Does anybody have any connections? I’ve been half-assed trying since last year and the few times I’ve gotten close I usually end up getting errors during check out and then it ultimately reverts to being sold out. Id prefer the digital edition but would take the...
  3. SonGohan

    WTB NES carts

    What the title said. I just bought a blinking light win NES console and want to get some games for it. Loose carts only, I don’t care about boxes or manuals. Label has to be good condition and no writing on the carts. Anybody selling? All I have is SMB/Duck Hunt and Mega Man 2. Looking to...
  4. SonGohan

    Genders and pronouns and rage

    I’m curious as to what everybody’s opinion is on the increasing trend on being able to identify as whatever gender you want. I literally had to be taught the terms being used in that South Park butthole game, and I’ve been seeing a lot of different options lately when checking in and out of...
  5. SonGohan

    The real SFV thread -- No posers allowed

    Just kidding. But seriously, let's start a comprehensive SFV thread. We'll swap fighter ids, schedule fights, upload matches, and discuss strats. Who are you using? Right now I'm maining Nash. Really weird to have qcf fireball inputs, but I'm liking him so far. A really cool video to get some...
  6. SonGohan

    Hey Taiso (Resident Evil Content)

    So I've been trying to clear this stage for about a month. I load the game up once or twice a week, and get stuck at this section. I've done all the achievements on the 360 version, but this PC version is glitched or something (search yielded nothing to support this, though). Or maybe I'm stupid...
  7. SonGohan

    SELLING: PS2/Xbox SNK/Capcom fighters lot

    Found this in my closet. Figured I'd toss it on here. $50 shipped for everything (hurr hurr). One of the Fatal Fury games is still sealed. A couple might have stickers on them. If you're anal about stickers and shit like that then just pass. Expect gamer's condition and be pleasantly surprised...
  8. SonGohan

    Resident Evil Revelations 2

    Has anybody played this yet? I purchased the first episode, and was pretty underwhelmed. I assume it gets better later, but the first episode was so light on enemies that I wanted to get an opinion from somebody here before investing any further. I assume one of you doll-fuckers has played it...
  9. SonGohan

    Resident Evil HD Remake is out

    I'm surprised there isn't a thread on this yet. It dropped a few days ago. Is anybody playing it? I just bought it. I'm playing with the new controls which makes it a lot more bearable (imo). I can't remember much about the first game, so I'm not sure what all the differences are. I'd like to...
  10. SonGohan


    Figured I'd make a thread in the online section (where it actually belongs, and won't get bumped into oblivion). There's a big tournament at Blizzcon and I'm interested in seeing what decks are played. There is a picture floating around (probably fake) of a possible Death Knight class in an...
  11. SonGohan

    Killer Instinct 2013 Impressions (Long Writeup)

    Warning: this is a long fucking read. If you're interested at all in KI and what this one offers, it should explain a lot of things (hopefully). I haven't seen a thread on this at all (at least lately), and the old xbone thread hasn't been bumped in forever, so here's my thoughts on it (sorry...
  12. SonGohan

    Rumor: James Avery (Uncle Phil & Shredder) Dead

    Going to call it a rumor until it's confirmed. If true, this is some bullshit:
  13. SonGohan

    Wanted: Neo system + games

    Looking for a home system - component modded preferred but not required, same with box. Don't care about the region. Unibios would be awesome. 2 old style joysticks needed. Games I'm interested in (region doesn't matter): Fatal Fury series (any or all) Samurai Shodown 1 - 3 King of Fighters...
  14. SonGohan

    *EDIT --Steam Sale Thread

    I did a quick search for a Steam sales thread (I thought there was one, maybe it didn't show up). Anyway, this ridiculous Steam sale has you getting the complete Alan Wake franchise for 4 fucking dollars. If you haven't had a chance to play this game, now is the perfect time. Also, who else is...
  15. SonGohan

    The official "something neat I bought that doesn't deserve it's own thread" thread.

    The official "something neat I bought that doesn't deserve it's own thread" thread. Just like the title says. Post up random shit you've bought lately. Comics? GBA game? CD/LP? Let's have a fun thread. Earlier this week I snagged a Martin acoustic in a trade: Also pre-ordered the new...
  16. SonGohan

    Man screws prostitutes, then kills wife and son over fear he has HIV
  17. SonGohan

    Happy birthday genjiglove

    I almost never look at the bottom of the page, but for whatever reason, I caught a glimpse of your name and turning 30, and saw that you got no love. Well, you got love now. Hope you get more than that today. Happy birthday, homie.
  18. SonGohan

    FS: Boxed PSP 3000 w/8gb memory card & carrying case

    Selling my PSP 3000. Comes with an 8gb memory card, power cable (is a little loose, but works), carrying case, box, and whatever packaging is inside the envelope inside the box (never opened it). Asking $100 shipped. Pictures: Keep in mind, the games you're seeing in action aren't on the...
  19. SonGohan

    eBay: NES Collection

    I threw it up for 3 days, starting at $1 with no reserve.
  20. SonGohan

    NGF: The Definitive Poll

    Make your vote heard