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  1. 3rdStrikeMike

    PUBG 1.0 and BEYOND!

    Anyone out there playing PUBG? I started right after the 1.0 update and have really been enjoying the game. I'm usually not a big PC gamer, but this has been a blast to play with friends. It's a game I am certainly not very good at, but it is always fun to play. I just thought it would be...
  2. 3rdStrikeMike

    FS: HRAP 3 VLX Diamond

    I really hate letting this go, but I'd like to finish my retro set-up. I have a brand new Hori Diamond VLX I got from Arcade Shock years ago. It is still sealed and the box has never been removed from the box with packing peanuts from AS. I paid extra to have it shipped in another box. It...
  3. 3rdStrikeMike

    Feedback for Mitsurugi-w

    I just got a CPS 2 board and a CPS 3 security cart battery swapped. He worked with me to get everything figured out to get it done and everything turned out great! Swaps were done very quickly and professionally. I had the boards back very quickly. I could not be happier :)
  4. 3rdStrikeMike

    Any mind bending movie suggestions? Post your favorites!

    I always enjoy mind bending movies with an intricate plot. I've seen a bunch of lists online and watched some of the movies listed, but there are still many "diamonds in the rough" I have not seen. I know you guys know of some gems out there and I would love to hear about any of your personal...