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  1. BryLmoo

    AES home cart sale.

    Hello everyone. I've decided to part with some of my AES carts. I've done some research on the values of these things, since the price guide on this website hasn't been updated in ages. The prices are firm. Pictures are available upon request. First come first served. US AES carts 1...
  2. BryLmoo

    Wanted! New style bean controller & KOF2000 MVS

    Just as the title states, I’m looking for a New style bean controller and an MVS copy of KOF2000. Not too jazzed about paying eBay prices, so here I am. You sell, I buy!
  3. BryLmoo

    CMVS on a SONY PVM 20L2

    Alright, as the title states, I need help getting RGB from my SONY PVM 20L2. I bought a BNC to SCART adapter, and a SCART cable. Now, the fun part... I can't seem to get a picture? The sound doesn't seem to want to work, either. I say no picture...but it's just garbled. I can't seem to get...
  4. BryLmoo

    Looking to buy/trade for MVS carts.

    Just like the title says, I'm interested in purchasing or trading for some MVS carts. I'm not too concerned about having a "full kit," but I'd prefer everything to be original SNK merchandise. Wishlist: Samurai Spirits series King of Fighters 98/02 Metal Slug 3 I'm also interested in more non...
  5. BryLmoo

    Help with AES (fresh outta storage)

    Okay, so...I took my trusty AES outta storage because I was craving some sam sho, and...glitch city. I see a garbled mess when I turn the system on, and sometimes it just seems to stop working altogether. Seems like it might be something fixed by cleaning....but I'm not so sure... :help:
  6. BryLmoo

    PALMS band

    Any fans of Chino Moreno and ISIS should check this out. 2xLP just went up for pre-order
  7. BryLmoo

    Vinyl record thread/ What you have/ What you like?

    I just bought a new turntable, and i've been listening to a bunch of my dad's old records. I'm starting to purchase some new records by artists that I enjoy and would like to know what records you guys own, if any? :cool:
  8. BryLmoo

    Ghostbusters re-release!

    I just got back from seeing Ghostbusters in the theater. Man, for someone who was born in 1984, it was a real treat to see a movie in the theater that I grew up watching on VHS, DVD and BD. The presentation was great and the audio was top notch. You could really hear everything crystal clear...
  9. BryLmoo

    request for a mod (not a god)...

    I want to change my user name, but I don't have the posts to do it in, and I don't feel like posting five gazillion times in order to do it. So, if possible, and the gods are particularly kind tonight, tomorrow or the next day, I'd like for my handle to be changed to "AtlusOpiate." Without the...
  10. BryLmoo

    English Metal Slug 3 AES for sale.

    I'm parting with this amazing game because I'm trying to make more of an effort to play MVS rather than AES. The game is NEAR MINT and complete with manual in the original baggy. I bought this game from the neo-store brand new upon release, and it's only been played a handful of times. I'm...
  11. BryLmoo


    delete lol
  12. BryLmoo

    english metal slug 3 price check?

    What's an english metal slug 3 going for complete and in near mint condition? i'm talking barely played since it was purchased from the neo-store? there are none currently on ebay, but there is one in the neostore...but i wouldn't pay the 799$ Shawn's asking lol suggestions? this copy...
  13. BryLmoo

    want to buy a consolized mvs...

    I'm trying to find someone on these boards who can consolize an mvs for me.... who does the best work?
  14. BryLmoo

    neo through hdtv?

    .delete please
  15. BryLmoo

    neo through hdtv?

    i recently re-bought an aes system. long story short, i'm trying to play through my newer samsung 40inch 1080p lcd hdtv....and it isn't pretty. color bleeding, flickering and just a bad over all picture is the problem... what can be done about this? or should i just break out the old tube?
  16. BryLmoo

    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow demo? PS+only until Sep29?!?

    I'm curious if anyone who subscribes to PS+ has played it yet? Comments? :buttrock:
  17. BryLmoo

    9/9/1995 Playstation!

    Happy Birthday to the PSX!!! I remember getting a Playstation and SotN for my birthday one year, and just playing it that system... The dreamcast is great, but it can't steal all the thunder lol
  18. BryLmoo


    sorry for the outburst. i'm just a little pissed right now because of something that my friend's mother said in front of me.
  19. BryLmoo

    DEMON'S SOULS (strategies, warnings and discussion)

    demon's souls is one of the most addicting games i've played in a long time. it's gotten far more play time from me over the past few weeks than mw2 or any of the other newer ps3 games for that matter. for all of you who play this brutal game, i'd like to start a thread that deals with...
  20. BryLmoo

    dragon age origin's or demon's soul's?

    which one would ya'll buy? thinking about it...but don't know if i'm gonna buy anything at