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  1. mr_b

    WTB - Capcom i/o

    Looking for one. Hit me up.
  2. mr_b

    WTB - Blast City or Sega Candy in the Midwest

    I know this is a long shot, but hoping there is someone in the midwest. I'm in the looking to get a couple of cabs for the basement again. I'd prefer to grab one from someone in the community vs grabbing one from KC or other vendors if possible. I'm looking for a Blast City preferrably, but...
  3. mr_b

    WTB: Splatoon

    If any of you are done with your copies and would like to part with it.
  4. mr_b

    WTB (Sega) Model 2B Mobo

    Hey guys, Looking for a Model 2B mother board. I've got a 2A already but managed to snag a cheap Virtua On rom board.
  5. mr_b

    FS: Egret 2/3 Marquee Holder E3 2L8B Panel

    I no longer have use for these, so they need to go. I'll upload pics once I get home tonight. Egret 2/3 Marquee Holder - $75 + shipping. Egret 3 2L8B panel unpopulated - $80 + shipping. ****SOLD**** Not shipping overseas and I'm not dealing with punk ass noobs.
  6. mr_b

    FS: Getting Out Sale (PCB's + Stuff)

    Alright thread title updated. I'm looking to sell of the remaining arcade stuff I got. Sales Rules (PCB's) ---------------------- Prices include shipping in the cont US and looking to only deal with people in the US, unless your northern brotha I've dealt with before in the past. Priority...
  7. mr_b

    Summer sale - Arcade and Console (XRGB2 , PCB's, NetDimm)

    Time for another sales thread. Prices don't include shipping. Payment via Paypal. If not paying via PayPal gift, add the 4% to cover fees. Don't like my prices make me an offer, worst I can say is "GFY" :) Items for Sale ----------------- Arcade Items Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 PCB $150 Soul...
  8. mr_b

    CPS 2 Issues - Marvel Super Heroes

    I've taken a stab at trying to repair some CPS2 boards I got really cheap as an excuse to test out my new eprom burner. The pictures below show the graphical issues I'm experiencing. What I've done thus far. -Program roms and GFX roms checksums match against the corresponding Mame set. -...
  9. mr_b

    FS: Fall Sale (PCB's + Control Panels + Random)

    Hey Guys, Got some stuff to sell as I'm looking to clear space in the closet and storage locker. Prices don't include shipping. Don't like prices make me an offer. Could be interested in trades if you got PCB's that are not emulated in Mame. I'll get pics up later today once I get the camera...
  10. mr_b

    WTB: MVS 2-Slot Metal Cage + Joysticks or CD Pads

    Hey guys, Looking for a cage for my mvs 2-slot. Also looking for a cd pads or joysticks. Thanks, Mr_B
  11. mr_b

    WTB: MVS 2-Slot Metal Cage

    I've got a MVS 2-Slot that needs a metal cage. If you have one to sell PM with price. Thanks, Mr_B *Mods please delete or move to Neo Wanted *
  12. mr_b

    FS: Jap Xbox 360 with Cave Shmups

    XBOX 360 Jap Console and Cave releases JAP Xbox 360 Console (Jasper System w/512mb internal) - Composite Cables, Power Brick, White Wireless Controller All Japan Releases =============== DDP DOJ Deathsmiles (with phone card) DDP DFK 1.5 (with unused DLC code) Akai Katana I'm looking to sell...
  13. mr_b

    WTB: Toaplan Games..(Help the Brute get his fix!!)

    Hey Guys, Looking for a couple of games. I'd be interested in almost any Toaplan games but looking for the following. Outzone - Haven't seen one out there for awhile. Hoping to pull one outta the wood work. Truxton - Same, just got hosed on a ebay auction last night. I'm so pissed right now...
  14. mr_b

    Jamma Genesis

    Hey guys, I know this has been done before and I'm not treading any new water, but I thought there was some lacking information or a guide in which to make this, at least from an english standpoint. Alot of the guides I saw needed to be translated. This guide was done using a Genesis Model 2. I...
  15. mr_b

    FS: Sega Blast City Cabinet $1,000 Chicago, IL

    Hey Guys, Due to picking up another E2 in the Philly Group Buy, I gotta let the blast go. Cabinet has no serious issues. Monitor is the manual tri-sync Nanao MS-2930. No Burn-in. Convergence issues in the corners. Nothing major when playing pcb's you can't really notice it. I mainly notice it...
  16. mr_b

    WTB: Sega Genesis 3-Button Controllers

    Guys, Looking to pick up 3-button controllers on the cheap. So anyone that has some laying around they wanna dump let me know. I'm using them to make myself a jamma genesis. So the cases don't need to be pretty, but they do need to work. Hit me up!
  17. mr_b

    WTB: Egret 2 2L12B Control Panel

    Hey Guys, I'm sure this is a long shot, but I'm looking to pick up a 2L12B Egret 2 control panel. Not looking for an E3 panel so don't bother. Not interested in one that's completely trashed but doesn't need to necessarily be perfect either. I would even be interested in one of MCS repo's as...
  18. mr_b

    If these cabs could talk.

    After reading some of the stories of other members cab's. I thought we could start a thread about maybe some unknown backstory, facts or tidbits of your cabs. I love hearing stories of where the cabs have been or how they were aquired. Share any stories and pics you have... My first cab was...
  19. mr_b

    FS: Soul Calibur II 246 mobo, Net Dimm & More

    Looking to sell some items that don't get any play anymore. All prices do not include shipping or Paypal fees. Naomi ------------------- Naomi Net Dimm 256mb $150 - Dimm board only has the RJ45 jack has the 000 key for netbooting Virtua Golf Panel w/ Virtua Golf Game l - Panel is in...
  20. mr_b

    Soul Calibur 3 AC + World Series Baseball '99 w/CP + Virtua Golf w/CP + MVS 2-Slot + MORE

    Alright Guys time to trim my stash a bit. Will post pics tomorrow. *** Paypal only *** *** All prices do not include shipping *** System 246 ***Moved to Ebay and SOLD*** Soul Calibur 3 setup - system 246 + Namco jamma adapter. $250 Sega Naomi World Series Baseball '99 setup - naomi...