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    WTB - Net City or similar - no monitor needed!

    Got a brand new flat Toshiba ready to throw into a cab - looking for a cab with or without a monitor! I’m in NorCal but down to arrange freight pickup from your location.
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    FOUND: CPS2 A and B boards

    FOUND!!! Looking for A and B boards, blue/green. Cheers!
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    SOLD - Everdrives, NES, SD2SNES, Mega SD - new

    All sold, thanks!!! Brand new! All in new condition in box. I'd rather them go to someone here for a good price rather than throw up in my mouth selling them on ebay. :) (Edit - I took a crack at prices, if anything seems off feel free to message me and lets work it out!) PRICES INCLUDE...
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    Analogue Super NT - SOLD

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    Xeno Crisis Dreamcast

    Xeno Crisis Dreamcast- sealed brand new. Kickstarter first print with art card. $40 shipped
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    FS: Brand New OSSC with remote

    SOLD!!!! Never used it since I picked up a BVM at the same time. Oh well... happy to sell to my NG peeps! $110 shipped in the US. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    FS: Vewlix Diamond Orange

    SOLD!! Getting ready to list a gorgeous *Vewlix Diamond Orange* with 1080p monitor for sale in San Jose! Fully loaded. $3k plus depending on what you want (Jamma kit, I/o, extra panels, etc) But willing to take offers too. Thought I’d give a heads up if someone here wanted to jump on it. I’d...
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    MS8 with dark diagonal lines, slowly scrolling?

    Hey all... picture on this MS8 looks excellent (it’s in my Pony Mark III with 25” crt) However... one last issue is some slowly moving/scrolling diagonal lines. Any thoughts? It’s hard to get a pic, but here’s a closeup. The photo makes it look darker than it is in person, but gets the point...
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    WTB - Neo / Astro / 15khz Candy Cab

    Really hoping for a Neo Geo cab, but open to other 15khz candies in good condition. I’m tiered of rotating my Egret back and forth and would rather just find another cab good with 15khz and have a dedicated horizontal and vert. I’m in the Bay Area, but willing to drive/ship for the right...
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    Vewlix Extra Button Control Panel

    Swap out your blank accessory panel for something useful! Add up to 6 extra buttons and two USB ports to your Vewlix cabinet. More info: 4 Options: BUTTONS NOT INCLUDED CPX-1 (One player, 3 button holes) $20 + shipping CPX-1U (One player, 3 button, dual USB 3.0 ports - USB...
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    WTB: NBA Jam Boards

    Looking for a full set of NBA Jam or TE boards. I’d consider good condition individual CPU or Sound boards too, if you don’t have the full set to sell/trade. Thanks!!!
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    SOLD 161 in 1 MVS - like new - $40 shipped

    SOLD Yellow cart MVS 161 in 1 multi game. Only used a few times at most, great condition. $40 shipped.
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    NEW Everdrives: Gameboy 5x, SD2SNES, Genesis, more to come!

    Time to clear out some stuff! PM me if interested. Everdrive Gameboy X5 - Brand New in frosted clear shell straight from Krikzz. - $65 shipped (was $70) ----------------- SOLD SD2SNES Brand new! Straight from Krikzz. $140 SOLD SOLD Mega Everdrive - Used. Stoneage Gamer Kit, includes SD...
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    Chihiro compact flash kit? I was looking into the CF kit above. I’m done fucking around with GD Roms on my Chihiro 3 just to play some Outrun on my Crazy Taxi cab. I’ve tried NetBooting with a Pi. Works great for Naomi! Can’t get it to work with...
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    Fast Striker ported to PS4 / Vita

    Announce trailer: Digital and physical. Digital release Oct. 16th with cross buy support, $6.99 Physical release preorders at PlayAsia Oct 11th, $34.99. (Comes with soundtrack cd, box, numbered certificate, Manual)
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    Vewlix Speaker Replacement?

    Anyone replace a Vewlix speaker before? Snagged a Vewlix Diamond, and everything is looking good... except one speaker is busted, and since Vewlix speakers are wired in series it means I have no audio on the whole right side now. (I’ve diagnosed down to the speaker, it’s not any of the wiring...
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    Metal Slug 4 is best of series

    So, I’ve only listened to the retronaughts podcast a couple times maybe a year or two ago. It felt like listening to someone read a Wikipedia article and was generally poor. Some coworkers said I should give it another shot, and this is what I run into on the front page...
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    Taito Stools Group Buy - interest? Bay Area CA

    Last time I did a stools buy they ended up at around $100 each after factoring in the shipping and fees from Taito. They were all scooped up by people in the Bay Area, as shipping is likely pretty pricey to get them out to other states. (Large size, don’t break down) However, I’m willing to...
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    WTB: Taito Vewlix cab (FOUND)

    Starting to look for a Vewlix to add to the family, finally! If anyone has a lead, hit me up. (Either in the Bay, or to ship.) Cheers! Edit: thanks for the leads! Pretty sure I’ll snag one pretty soon. :)
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    Skycurser: Die A Hero - High Score and Tips Thread

    Fucking Awesome Gifs One weird trick to get a higher score! Thanks grendelrt! Skycurser is officially released! I know some other people here picked up a kit or cab for their home, and others have played in the arcade. It's a pretty awesome game with a lot of heart and character...