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    WTB - Net City or similar - no monitor needed!

    Got a brand new flat Toshiba ready to throw into a cab - looking for a cab with or without a monitor! I’m in NorCal but down to arrange freight pickup from your location.
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    FOUND: CPS2 A and B boards

    FOUND!!! Looking for A and B boards, blue/green. Cheers!
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    Game & Watch™: The Legend of Zelda™

    Opened the Mario and Zelda ones at Christmas - how does this thing have a better dpad than the switch lol My 3 year old is getting some time on Mario, it’s perfect for his hand size. While I totally dig the novelty (hell, I still play the gameboy micro for a bit every now and then) I wish...
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    SOLD - Everdrives, NES, SD2SNES, Mega SD - new

    All sold, thanks peoples!
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    SOLD - Everdrives, NES, SD2SNES, Mega SD - new

    That escalated quickly haha Updated some sales.
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    SOLD - Everdrives, NES, SD2SNES, Mega SD - new

    Added prices to the rest of the original post
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    SOLD - Everdrives, NES, SD2SNES, Mega SD - new

    All sold, thanks!!! Brand new! All in new condition in box. I'd rather them go to someone here for a good price rather than throw up in my mouth selling them on ebay. :) (Edit - I took a crack at prices, if anything seems off feel free to message me and lets work it out!) PRICES INCLUDE...
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    Analogue Super NT - SOLD

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    Xeno Crisis Dreamcast

    Xeno Crisis Dreamcast- sealed brand new. Kickstarter first print with art card. $40 shipped
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    FS: Brand New OSSC with remote

    SOLD!!!! Never used it since I picked up a BVM at the same time. Oh well... happy to sell to my NG peeps! $110 shipped in the US. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    FS: Vewlix Diamond Orange

    SOLD!! Getting ready to list a gorgeous *Vewlix Diamond Orange* with 1080p monitor for sale in San Jose! Fully loaded. $3k plus depending on what you want (Jamma kit, I/o, extra panels, etc) But willing to take offers too. Thought I’d give a heads up if someone here wanted to jump on it. I’d...
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    I received today...

    To get the shifter for Jambo wired up properly, there’s a small easy mod you’ll need to make on your Crazy Taxi.
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    What's up with Exa Arcadia?

    Two years ago at CAX they had half a dozen cabinets set up. I played a bit and then asked “I want to buy a kit for home use, will there be pre-orders?” The reply was “yes! They are right around the corner.” Two years later...
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    All about Saurus

    Is the logo two brontosaurus? Or an ass with two skinny curvy legs and tiny feet?
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    WTB Capcom Cute Mini

    How do you have an account for 9 years with zero posts!!??
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    MS8 with dark diagonal lines, slowly scrolling?

    Got it!! Wired from chassis metal screw to PSU ground and from cabinet body to PSU ground. Lines gone!
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    MS8 with dark diagonal lines, slowly scrolling?

    The chassis ground has continuity to the main ground, but the wire is SOOO thin. I added another, thicker wire to a chassis screw and hooked it into the main ground on the PSU. It helped a little?
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    MS8 with dark diagonal lines, slowly scrolling?

    Hey all... picture on this MS8 looks excellent (it’s in my Pony Mark III with 25” crt) However... one last issue is some slowly moving/scrolling diagonal lines. Any thoughts? It’s hard to get a pic, but here’s a closeup. The photo makes it look darker than it is in person, but gets the point...
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    Battlesmurf, dude, your inbox is full! Shoot me a PM so we can chat about this. Still got the NNC and/or AWSD? I’m down in San Jose and could use a project. (Actually I have too many projects as is but I’m a glutton for punishment. :)
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    WTB - Neo / Astro / 15khz Candy Cab

    Really hoping for a Neo Geo cab, but open to other 15khz candies in good condition. I’m tiered of rotating my Egret back and forth and would rather just find another cab good with 15khz and have a dedicated horizontal and vert. I’m in the Bay Area, but willing to drive/ship for the right...