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  1. SonGohan

    Rittenhouse Trial

    I think about Merc from time to time. With the low popularity of malls these days, I often wonder what’s out there that he’s “protecting.”
  2. SonGohan

    Defund the Police is dead. Don’t even entertain it

    This image is hilarious to me. You driving past somebody’s house who said a mean thing to you years ago, finding fault with their flags. Keeping score in a game they already beat you at.
  3. SonGohan

    Dean Stockwell has passed.

    Oh boy..
  4. SonGohan is gone now, domain name soon up for sale

    kennyboy is the only member I’ve ever truly disliked on these forums. Kim sending him that smashed home console is a great memory that will probably always stay with me.
  5. SonGohan


    I didn’t know this. I am sweating when I’m answering questions with $1 on the line. I haven’t fucked up yet to realize you can just retake lmao over the last month, doing shit here and there, I’ve raked in $50-75 doing those quizzes.
  6. SonGohan

    Anyone have any cool antiques or works of art?

    I have a painting of Bret Hart by wasabi and a drawing of Duck King by Michael Yagami that hang side by side in my studio.
  7. SonGohan

    Alec Baldwin Brandon Lee'd someone

    3D IMAX or no?
  8. SonGohan

    Anybody completely remove sugar from their diet?

    I'm not sure what keto exactly is. I've heard of it, but never read into it. fake - how long were you "clean"? What made you go back to it, even if you're limiting yourself? I'm not talking about removing natural sugars found in fruits. I'm considering a diet of just meat, fruits, and...
  9. SonGohan

    Anybody completely remove sugar from their diet?

    I’m curious if anybody here had actually gone through with it. What was your experience? As I’m getting older, I’ve found myself making adjustments to my diet and am considering this next step. Everything I’ve read says the first few days are a bitch but then your body has switched processes and...
  10. SonGohan


    I’m looking for new coins to get into but I’m too skittish. What do you guys think about Tezos? Any other recommendations?
  11. SonGohan


    Damn. Somebody talk me out of buying into this
  12. SonGohan


    Holy shit, 1 billion? Couldn’t you sell it for like $25k now? That seems a good pull for $100
  13. SonGohan

    Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp all down

    It's been about a year since I used Facebook. The first day or two I dropped it, it felt weird to not pick the phone up to get that dopamine drip, but I revisited it about a month later, scrolled, and it just felt gross seeing all the nonsense people post. I don't think people even care about...
  14. SonGohan

    What are you listening to at the moment?

    Night Flight Orchestra is the best thing happening in music today. Their new album is so god damn fun.
  15. SonGohan

    What records are you listening to tonight?

    Taking a trip down memory lane tonight
  16. SonGohan

    Norm MacDonald dead at 61

    My favorite comedian. I was giving a lesson yesterday when my friend sent me a text that simply read "rip norm macdonald." It completely threw me off for the rest of the day. I probably watch something Norm Macdonald-related every day. There's a compilation of his Letterman stuff that I rewatch...
  17. SonGohan

    Diablo 2: Erection...err...Resurrected.

    Played the beta. The game looks awesome in 60fps. It's still fun to play, although even dressed in HD you can feel that it's an old game. So far, my biggest complaint is that it's really fucking hard to see doors on the minimap. A few times I've found myself crawling a map just trying to find...
  18. SonGohan

    WTB PS5 Digital Edition

    What’s your problem? I didn’t ask for a gaming PC. I asked to buy a PS5, and your response is to buy something else at (at least) 5x the price that I’d still have to wait for. Nobody cares about your Origin Chronos V2.
  19. SonGohan

    WTB PS5 Digital Edition

    Yeah because the PC scene isn’t having shortages on parts, either.
  20. SonGohan

    What records are you listening to tonight?

    I have a shitty Audio Technica turntable, but it gets the job done. For now. Listening to the best live album of all time, IMO